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Post scar treatment cream

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After a bit of research i decided to buy Complex Cu3- Intensive tissue repair cream which hopefully will help me out post needling or subcision treatment. I recall one person recommending it once and it has stayed in my mind ever since:


So of course you can't get this sort of thing in my country so i had to order this online from the US. I tried to find the cheapest price so i went here:


I made a huge mistake in my shipping details (I was testing the system out so nothing i put in was real) and i don't know if they accept international shipping but when i ordered it, it had a pull down menu of all international countries. I put in the correct billing address though so maybe they will use this. So after my credit card details went through i sent them an email telling them of the mistake i made in the shipping details and i put in the correct details in my email i sent them.

I have not heard back from them and i am fearing that i have been duped. Should i give it more time. I hate this sort of thing. It said shipping via UPS ground residential so i don't know how this works. They didn't even give me a international shipping price. I think overall it will cost me $100 AUS or so but i hope i get the stuff. I will give them a call next week but again i have never made an international call so i don't know if that will work.

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That's the stuff I've been given to use post laser resurfacing. It smells like old socks and vinegar, but it does seem to soothe my skin a lot. :D

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