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Is that annoying anyone else?

At first it was something to annoy the oldies on the bus with but now it's become chav domain due to the fact it has become too annoying!!!

I hate it when things become chav domain, punks like me need release.

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yeh, any1 that used the net saw the noise from crazy frog on the insanity test like 4years ago before it became mainstream (i.e. now)....

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its pissing me off as well. i think they should get sued! its just the beverly hills cop theme tune with the noise ripped off the internet! they even called it Axel F. they are asking for trouble!

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Don't you think they have licensed it and have paid the royalties!

I'm mean duh! They don't make a rip off of a song without the originals permission. Jamster is a huge, international, company.

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They have bought the rights to it. Some swedish lad came up with the sound several years ago and put it on his website and he has made a HUGE amount of money out of it

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I've heard a few pricks on the train with this...

Ring ding ding ding da da ding... that's better *as it's chucked out of the window*

I can't believe anyone would want that crap... my little niece keeps singing the tune grrr!

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