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do you believe there is a link between acne & diet?  

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  1. 1. do you believe there is a link between acne & diet?

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I never thought the two were related, most likely cos there is no money to be made by anyone to prove that they are. 100s of websites out there say that there is no proven link between diet and acne, what a surprise :^o

I have been on this for 3 months (I didn't go on it to improve my skin, that was just a good side effect)


It's the specific carboydrate diet.

People use it to treat problems with the digestive system like chrons and IBS.

People also notice skin improvement, as I have done on it.

heres another good site for changing your diet to improve acne...


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Well...here is a quote from that site you posted(http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_acne.htm):

"Discourage new blemishes by using a benzoyl peroxide lotion or tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic mentioned below. Benzoyl peroxide may irritate the skin, so it is best to leave it on for only two hours, then wash off. "

Do you agree with this as well?

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I don't think anyone can say definitively how diet and acne work together

(if at all). That's because most studies don't seem to show any correlation

between acne and diet. Leading some people to suggest there's some sort

of conspiracy theory or something against people who think acne is

diet related. I really doubt there is any conspiracy going on. And really,

if it became known that there was a simple dietary change that worked for

everyone to clear their acne, I absolutely 100% guarantee you that it

would catch on. The truth can't be stopped.

And yet, people have gone on radically different diets only to realize the

same amount of acne as before. I've heard people going on the Paleo

diet, the Atkins diet, an all raw-food vegan diet, a fruitarian diet, a

macrobiotic diet, etc. I've yet to see any consistency. Some people are

remarkably "cured" when they make these dietary changes, but most

people aren't. What works for one doesn't work for most others.

But there may be some hope...

In a recent population study, it was shown that the Kitavan islanders in

Papua New Guinea have absolutely no acne in any age group. They

eat mostly tubers, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Of course we have yet

to rule out genetic factors here even though the studies suggest that

genetic factors aren't enough in and of themselves to explain this.

The study goes on to say that most non-Westernized populations have

significantly less acne (though not entirely clear of acne like the

Kitavan people are). So what is a "non-Western" diet like? Well,

obviously it's going to vary drastically depending on which non-West

society you look at. But the common factors are: Low in animal products,

high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats, no refined foods,

no trans-fats, minimal food processing, little sugar added. Contrast

this to the western diet: High in animal products, low in fruits and

veggies, high in saturated fats, mostly refined foods, lots of trans-fats,

highly processed food, and sugar added to many many things. Let's

not forget that these people exercise a lot more than we do and probably

get more sunlight and fresh air. They're also likely under less stress.

And they probably don't cook their food as much as we do.

The Kitavan people are pretty unique in that they don't have any acne.

While most non-Western societies have less acne than Western ones,

they aren't 100% clean of acne. So it leads me to think that there is

a genetic factor and/or an environmental/dietary factor involved in the

Kitavan people. So I hate to say it. I don't think we're going to get a

simple formula of "eat this and you'll be clear of acne". It's more complex

than that. For most people, dietary changes won't cut it by themselves.

That's my honest, gut feeling at this point.

Here's a link to the study:


If that link doesn't work, just type in: diet acne. That should bring it up.


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brazord there is no need to be rude.

I just posted a link that I found interesting.

I didn't say I agreed with everything on this site.

Also, interestingly, it covers the vinegar method that many people are finding useful for red marks.

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It could be an idea I got off the TV or something, but I get the idea acne is more prevalent now than it was in the past. So it has to be something about modern living.. diet? pollution? stress?

The reason I posted that website above is that it draws a link between poor digestion (so inadequate absorption of nutrients) and acne. I wasn't trying to imply people with acne have always eat unhealthily. I suffer from acne and for the past three months I have ONLY eaten eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruit. And only drunk water.

However, I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Many people on the Listserv for the SCD diet (link also above) seem to suffer from acne also. I am interested to know if anyone else, who has acne that has continued into adulthood, also has problems with their digestive system?

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If you have IBS, try giving up dairy products. This worked wonders for

me. I used to have major bloat all the time. I'd actually have to lay down

on my side for several minutes before it would release, and that was an

everyday experience. After I gave up dairy products, it went away

completely. Now I very rarely have gas bloat. I think it had something

to do with being lactose intolerant maybe.

Oh, and try to go to the bathroom more often. I mean #2, not #1. Even

if you feel you don't need to do it, go ahead and sit down and try a

little. Don't strain yourself, but just see if anything happens. This will

surprise you. You should have a bowel movement about 30 minutes

after eating something. That's how the body works. If you're only

going once a day, then it's backing up and will cause gas. Eat more

fruit to help push things along. Fruit digests faster than other foods,

and so the colon tries to get rid of it faster before putrification happens.

And by the way, the reduced bloating didn't do anything for my acne.


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re. IBS

Fruit is actually really hard to digest, due to the lack of fructose digesting enyzmes in the body. I have to be careful only to eat a tiny bit of fruit.

Eggs and cheese are fine for me and milk is not SCD legal. So I just eat a yogurt I make myself and ferment for 32 hours (rather than commerical yogurt which they do for only a few) as this gets rid of almost all the lactic acid in there.

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Fruit is actually the *easiest* food to digest, short of pure sugar. You can

yield energy from fruit anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes after eating

it. The amount of energy required in digesting fruit is very small. Following

fruit is processed plant foods (white bread for example). Then comes

complex processed plant foods (wheat bread for example). Then whole

plant foods (veggies). At this point it will take about 2 hours to yield

energy from the food (whole veggies). That requires more energy than

fruit, which digests in just minutes. After this comes legumes, which

require 4-6 hours to digest. Then starches I believe at 8-12 hours to

digest. Then comes fatty foods. Then comes proteins (specifically meat),

which takes anywhere from 16 to 24 hours or more to digest.

There is a reason Gator Ade and other sports drinks were created. It's

because the athletes require instant energy to replenish muscle glycogen.

Simple sugars don't require all that much digestion, which means you get

blood glucose levels up in just minutes. Similarly, athletes eat oranges

regularly to keep blood glucose levels up throughout their game.

Fructose is a fairly simple sugar. It requires very little to turn it into

glucose. It does require an enzyme, so if you're having problems

digesting fruits, it could be because you lack this enzyme. You can

take enzyme supplements with your food to help you digest it. This is

actually very rare.

Another thing I've come to realize is that since fruit digests so rapidly,

it's best not to eat fruit right after or before or during the time you eat

other types of foods. The fruit wants to go through you fast. It wants

out. This is because it's already digested, and so the body wants to

get rid of it before it putrifies (bacteria build up and you get gas). This

can push whatever other things you've eaten before along in your

intestines. So it can improve constipation and bloating. But if you

actually get bloat because of eating fruits, it's because it's unable

to push through the other stuff you've eaten, and your fruit is now

putrifying in your intestines. This is the reason most people experience

bloating after eating fruit, not because they lack an enzyme to

convert fructose to glucose. Again, the recommendation is to avoid

eating fruit for 4-6 hours after eating other types of foods. And you

might want to wait 16-24 hours after eating meat.


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It's not a question of what I should eat and what I shouldn't. For the past 3 months I have eaten only monosaccharide sugars (fruit, clear honey and non-starchy vegetables)

It's about curing myself of an alledgely 'incurable' disease. I am sensitive to even the easiest of things to digest, but I have spent the last 3 months researching this every day. I wasn't looking for advice off anyone (no offense) but it's just feels a bit patronising since I have thought about this every day for so long and eaten the same meal of bloody vegetables every day for 3 months, hehe.

I was just interested in finding out if anyone else had related acne to poor digestion.


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Hmmm, poor digestion. Can you be more specific? How do we measure

our efficiency at digesting food? That's a little tricky. Because digestion

involves: selecting the type of food, preparing the food (cooking or not

cooking, marinading, fermenting, etc.), chewing the food, drinking fluids

with the food or not, time difference between meals, stomach acidity

levels and reaction times, enzyme counts, time spent in the small

intestine, vitamin and mineral absorption, liver / gall-bladder response,

spleen response, kidney / bladder response, time spent in the large

intestine, time to elimination, gas creation in the colon, water content

of solid waste, effectiveness of toxin elimination and/or reuptake.

It's a pretty complicated thing with many variables, and each step in

the process, one could attempt to measure the efficiency in some way.

Tricky, don't you think?

By the way, user, I've talked with fruitarians and raw food vegans who

say their acne has not been helped (or hurt) by their diet. And I think

you'll find that's true of most fruitarians and vegans. Though some will

say it's cured them. It depends on the person.


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Milk kills me. I also stay clear of deep fried, high refined foods. I enjoy a clean diet. Maybe you are lacking the essential fats that your body needs to break down the food? Might be worth looking into. Try a fish oil supplement.

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Fish has a high amount of hormones and antibiotics from stream run-off from

animal farms up-stream. Deep sea fish have high levels of mercury. I'd

avoid fish oil, because that would contain the largest concentration of

these toxins. I'd use flax oil for Omega-3 essential fatty acids instead.

Still, I don't think anyone's shown much of a correlation between Omega-3

consumption and acne, though it's not been studied that much from what

I gather. I know it doesn't help me.


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How can the two be related...I know alot of people with clear skin and they eat load of carbs and all kinds of stuff...doesnt make sense...this is

an easy one for me!

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Do some research zal, i was like you, my skin has improved immensly since i've gone low carb, and i love it.

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Well obviously their body reacts differently to the types of food they eat, ie they don't spike sugar levels within their system which lead to acne. For many of us however, they have a bad effect. I always thought there'd be no way that carbs would have an effect, well actually I eat low carbs and low GI foods.

Reluctantly, I gave eating low GI foods a try and I haven't had a new pimple in the last 2 weeks, however this weekend i'm going out and going to have a few beers, so we'll see if I breakout, I'm pretty sure I will.

It's worth a try, I didn't think I could live without milk, bread, cereals, potatoes, but I manage. Anyway, its for you to decide, for me acne and diet are related. Everyone's different.

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Yes my skin has been loads better since I've been on SCD (specific carboydrate diet). I had a small relapse when I started eating peanut butter (with no additives or sugar) which is OK on the diet but it caused me to breakout. Since I stopped eating that my skin has been fine really.

There are other factors that could have related to this tho, but I'm sure it has helped.

Now I just need to get rid of all the scars.

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to steve- yes. I read this one book about a juice diet a while ago - I forget the name of the guy that wrote it. I wasn't about to follow the diet (I like all my foods =) ) but it did have a lot of information that helped me. One thing he mentioned was about how mixing certain foods can upset digestion. For instance, how a lot of people have problems with apples and apple juice causing diarhhea and upset stomach (I'm one of them) - and how this is the result of eating/drinking it after other stuff you shouldn't eat them with. I tried it and don't have the same problem when I drink apple juice on an empty stomach. He said to avoid dairy foods like cheese, which did tend to kinda bloat my stomach. Also mentioned that you shouldn't eat after 8:00, which I try to stick to, since I hate how my stomach feels when I wake up the next morning if I do eat too late or over-eat dinner.

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