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my acne controls my life and im tired of it. i dont have enough money to buy the things needed for for treatment everytime it runs out.im gettin tired of acne and i am thinkin of doing something to stop it.

any thoughts?

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We all know what it's like to have acne, and the most important thing to have is emotional support, which is why this website is so wonderful. Look at the big picture of your life. Acne isn't a life threatening disease. It's definitely annoying and really really frustrating, but if you killed yourself over it, then there are so many things you would never be able to do anymore...like just sit outside and enjoy the weather, talk to friends, watch TV, and just appreciate living. THink of people who have terminal illnesses....sometimes I wonder what they would give just to have a healthy body again and live longer. This is what you have. THese people would do absolutely anything to be in your position, and that's something we have to remind ourselves daily to get through our acne suffering. Please share your thoughts on this board. Everyone wants to hear your thoughts and please don't feel you are alone. :)

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Hey... have sent you a PM... hang in there... can you talk to anyone close by about your acne? Parents... friends? Anyone who can help you pay for stuff to treat your acne? There are cheaper options... let us know what you have tried so far and perhaps we can all help point you to cheaper treatments that work. We have all had various successes with what we have used.

In the meantime... I echo what kristiana said... we all know how you feel and would love to be able to help you in any way we can. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Whoa....first off...I've had the thoughts, I've even taken the handful of pills, and what I know is if you are serious, you don't ask people if they think it's a good idea. It's not a good idea. And please don't think I believe you aren't serious. When you have those thoughts, it doesn't matter.

I have a lot of physical problems {asthma, scoliosis, lupus, bipolar disorder 2, and ACNE of course} but what always hurt me is feeling that no one would ever love me. A lot of this was bcs I hate the way I look. I know you know what I mean.

But the best stories, and the best things in life alwayseem to come with some sort of triumph over struggle: child birth, love, winning the race, beating the odds, etc.

And it's not about "winning" it's about learning what is inside of you: strength, courage, resiliance, passion...

So I ask you...is this gonna be all you want to learn about you....?? forever??????????????????

What if you end up....learning to love yourself? What if you end up...happy?

What if???? That's why it's a bad idea. A bad solution to so many possibilities.

Much love & light! Namaste'

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I too would like to echo what everyone else has been saying: You have SOOOOOO much to live for. When God created us in His image, He gave us the opportunity to do so much in this world and I can guarantee you that 99% of your problems are probably all caused in your head by a poor self-image. If you just realize how much God loves you and how God never creates anything bad but creates everything with a wonderful purpose, then you will look at life with a new perspective that gives you more joy and happiness than you have ever known before. The first step towards recovery is just feeling a whole lot better about yourself simply because of your status in relation to God and His amazing love for you and His creating you in His image and His exhilirating plan for your life. So please, hang in there, think good thoughts about yourself (because you deserve them so much! After all, you are a unique, special human being of infinite worth, value, and significance. God loves you more than anything). Most importantly, look to God for importance, meaning, and contententment for only He is where those qualities are found---not in acceptance by others based on your appearance or whatever.

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Please don't.

Don't care what others say.

Shape the reality you live in. Don't let others shape your reality.

Acne is temporary. Suicide is not.

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I just want to say i know EXACTLY how you feel. I too was thinking of suicide because of my acne. Acne is terrible and it reallu does ruin the lives of so many people. I became so emotionally distressed that i just couldn't take it anymore. It was doing my head in. i thought about it day and night and had no sleep. there was no one to talk to. Noone. everyone just says it's a teenage stage and will pass. it was too embaressing to take about it to friends. It's not so easy when you're going through it. especially being in the 'in crowd' and all my friends being models, then there's me. I've always had good skin and this year my acne broke out. I couldn't face the public anymore. From a straight A student down to a C student. My life turned upside down. I could no longer fuction normally. People say "do something you enjoy". well to me-when you have acne nothing seems enjoyable. Luckly, my school noticed my change and got me help immediatly. I had suffered from depression and with acne ontop of it made it twn million times worse. I see a psychologoist and is on mediacation. It has helped me a little. But all i can say is you are the only person who can help yourself. It sucks. i wish there was just a solutioon. You just have to be strong. I'm still trying to find this strengh. But i realised that suicide is not an option out of this because as so many people have said already, you rally do have so much waiting for you out there and your acne WILL go away and get better. I just thought sharing with you my story will just let you know that you are not alone. please let us all know how you are doing. I need to know that there are people i can hold on to too so don't go

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I had the same feelings. I had terrible acne when i was 14-21. Im 24 now and still have moderate acne.

I use to always think about suicide. I probably should have gotten help. But just thinking about it, that i could end my life at even given time, made me feel better. Sounds pretty fucked up.

Luckily there were no guns around the house.

Acne is a terrible thing to have. I would rather go through cancer therapy, and have perfect skin.

People are so evil. Most people think you are dirty, that you cant even wash your fash once a day.

The only cure is accutane. However i dont have insurance, and im not willing to put 5,000.00 on my credit card for a 5 month supply.

I never look at my face in the mirror. I keep it really dark in my bathroom. If you dont look, its not there. Thus you wont be thinking about it. Most people will notice, buts its only the select few who will tease. 70% of people have or have had some form of acne.

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i'm 24. i've spent the last 12 or 13 years hating my face. i've been on antibiotics and used almost every topical treatment out there. every morning i cover my face with foundation, hoping that it will make my face look more normal. i never leave the house without make-up and i always wear my hair down, thinking that it will somehow cover up my face. when i am not staring at the floor when talking to people, i peek at their faces with envy, wishing that i had their perfect complexions. even if they don't have perfect skin, their 2 or 3 blemishes would be so much more bearable than my 100 blemishes.

6 weeks ago i found the acne.org website and these boards. i cannot begin to express how much this has changed my life. while the Regimen has not given me the smooth, blemish-free skin that i dream of, it does a better job of controlling my acne than anything else that i've tried. i read these boards everyday and am so happy to see that there are other people out there who know what i am going through. i never had anyone to discuss these things with before. nobody understood. now i have all of you guys, and i am so grateful.

always know that you are not alone. suicide might seem like the only option, but it is not. talking to people helps. that's what we are here for.

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