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Jojoba Oil - Why only at night & alternatives ?

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I had roaccutane treatment some years ago, and although it cleared most of my acne it has left me with some dry patches among my still quite oily skin.

I find Jojoba Oil to be an excellent moisturiser and in fact much better than all the 'cosmetics' I tried, eg Clinique, Phytomer etc, most of the expensive brands... it doesn't break my acne prone areas out, keeps my dry areas moisturised all day and seems to be clearing up some of my open/blackhead prone pores too :D but I see recommendations to use it only once a day, mostly for night-time use.

Can anyone tell me why this is ?

It would be much appreciated if you could suggest an alternative moisturiser for daytime use that may also help with some of the red marks/mild scars that I have ? I've been looking at these peptide serums and Emu Oil but not 100% sure if they have the moisturising properties like Jojoba... :-s


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shaka - sorry, I didn't make myself clear when I said to use once a day. The reason I said this is that it feels greasy (although it is skin balancing) and impossible to apply makeup on afterwards, that's why I suggested only night time use. But if you don't wear makeup, you can use it as many times as you want.

I have also been using the emu oil for the last few weeks, I think it's even better than the jojoba oil now, but it's expensive, so I mix both together and use. Absolutely love it!!

If you have some very dry patches, try the follwing, rub some vinegar onto those areas, let it dry and then apply some manuka oil/honey (get it from a health food store) on top, and that is extremely soothing.

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everyone seems to really love Jojoba Oil. I had some and used it for a month, during this time I had the worst acne I've ever had in my life. So I stopped. :-s

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