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Help me out in here Please!

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Hey, im male&19 years old and after i took accutan (2years ago) i was free of acne(also with the help of retin-a and akne-mycin together with roaccutan). Then after the summer everything returned harder and worse than ever. After that i tryed some laser shit who cost me (i dont want to say, but maybe a lot more then some of you can aford) which also didnt work. Now i really dont know what to do anymore, What i actually do is to go a lot to the beach cause the sea water is good and i hope it kills my acne together with the sun, but i am searching at the web for something really indicated so i just saw this website : www.coresa.com , is this for real guys? Or it's just bullshit? Please help me out in here cause i need some solution for this. I am not going again to accutan cause it has been removed from the market , some people actually died because of it and "no thx"... please reply!! thx

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Did you see how many products and what a regimen www.coresa.com wants to sell you? And did you see their MAIN ingredient is salycidic acid? Plus they tell you to eat right. I have 20 different drugstore products that contain salycidic acid. Its great stuff but I wouldn't buy an expensive regimen on the net if that is their main ingredient. It looks just like a Pro-Active ad, and I'll bet it works similarly. Not to mention, when I eat exactly "right" (no sugars or refined carbos, no junk) then I clear up. So they aren't selling you anything special, IMHO.

Pro-Active AND Dan's regimen DO work if you are diligent and careful to follow it every single day. But these regimens don't really work on the big cysts, at least not for me. They work great on the small stuff, tho.

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