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lumps under skin, remnants of a cyst?

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For at least 2 months, I have noticed that on one side of my forehead, on a place where i suffered a bout of some persistent cysts over the winter, there remains what seems to be a layer under the skin which remains raised and slightly lumpy even long after the cystst have come to a head or come down. It is not sore or red or anything (although there is the redness of some healing acne in places), but when i move my fingers over my forehead i can feel this lumpiness, which was defitly not there before my cysts. COuld this still be leftover cysts junk that never got pushed out? Will it eventually go away if I leave it alone? What should I do? any help would be greatly appreciated

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i had that same thing on my chin a while back. I used to get tons of red big zits on my chin, and after they cleared up, i still had this weird large lump on my chin that wasn't visible, but I could definitely feel it when I touched that area. I left it alone and kept taking my medicine and doing what the doctor said, and then it just eventually disappeared.

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i only get cysts on my chin because i wear a sweaty chin strap everyday in lacrosse. however the cysts finally are gone (i only have a cyst-free chin for like 5 days a month) but i have bumps still under the skin. normally the cysts aren't very big, just small normal colored lumps in my skin but are very painful. however when they are gone, the skin is flat but under the skin is a hard thing that feels like a tissue buildup. i get its just the cyst but it is much smaller.

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