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I believe i need punch floats, dr.y said no

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Well i went to Dr.Y about 3 months ago and i am going for dermabrasion maybe in a month or two, thing is when i went he said i did not need punch floats yet from what i've seen my scars are the type that should be punch floated, i don't know if it was because it was early and i had just woken up about an hour before because in the mornings my scarring is not visible, i'm guessing from plumpness or whatnot.

I am seriously thinking of going back and checking again but that would cost me around $500 + the punchfloats, but if it's truly worth it i would go.

I have read that punch floats are almost essential for good results with dermabrasion.

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By the looks of your photos that are/were in the gallery, I would say that yes you do need punch floats. Then again I'm not an MD so what the hell do I know.

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Rosegirl (I think) said that Dr. Y told her it was not necessary for punch floats for her, but she insisted and he did them.

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I'll probably go back and get them done, i'll call him up to see, still my scars have diminished from the pictures i have in the gallery, maybe time healed them a bit, still i feel i need the floats.

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