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I'm on my 3rd week of this regimen and my skin, especially around my jaw line, around my mouth ALWAYS peels no matter how much moisturizer i seem to put on. i just went out an hour ago, and had to come home b/c i was so humiliated, my skin around my mouth looked so awful like i was a lizard or something. i dont know what to do. i think even though my skin peels, the BP is just going to keep stripping off my skin in that area. and not only that, my whole face always looks red like i got burnt, it doesnt feel bad, i just look red and flaky. UGH.

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Yea, I don't think some people understand that not everyone's skin gets used to BP. Truth of the matter is that BP gel is very drying, and people like yourself (and for that matter, myself) don't ever grow accustomed to it.

However, there are some ways to remedy this problem. Have you ever considered using a night cream? I use one you can buy off ebay, it's called Carley's Clear and Smooth moisturizer. It's pretty good and doesn't break me out.

Another product that might help you is an Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer. People on this board use a product by Alpha Hydrox. I think their website is neoteric.com. However, they have an ingredient called Carageen (sp?) that is highly comedogenic. Other's find the AHA lotion by Walmart is pretty good.

I also read that Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer. This (besides water) is the main ingredient in Carley's moisturizer. This is a vegetable wax and has a low comedogenic potential. Pat a few drops on after or during a shower and you should be good. Just don't over do it.

You could also consider using an AHA wash, like M.D. Forte's Facial Cleanser I, II, or III. The glycolic acid concentration increases as the number on the bottle increases (i.e. III has higher GA concentration than I). I don't suggest BP users to use physical exfoliants (think cleansers like St. Ive's Apricot Scrub) because this will introduce more irritation. Chemical exfoliants are a much better alternative.

Some diet changes: Avoid drinks that have caffeine that dehydrate your body by making you urinate (i.e. Coffee, Coke). Alcohol is pretty bad as well. Drinking plenty of water can never hurt, as well.

If you are clear, perhaps you may consider using less BP during the day. I am afraid to suggest this if you still have active pimples because you should really use a lot of BP to clear up.

I'm sorry if this message is really long, but I want to give you a nice amount of options. I also suffer from flakies and redness, and have used the above advice. Although my skin is still dry at times (esp. when I open my mouth super wide) it has been much much better.

Oh yea, maybe you can try a hydrating mask. I just use plain clover honey on a moist face and rub for about a minute. Then let it sit for another minute and wash off. Honey is an humectant and is very moisturizing.

Remember to always wear sunscreen of at least SPF15.

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Try using a little less bp gel in the beginning and adding more as your skin adapts. I had that problem too, for a while but eventually, your skin gets used to it. It took me about two weeks. Hope it clears up soon and keep using moisturizer.

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thanks guys, i was thinking about maybe using less BP on the mouth area but i dont know b/c Dan recommends using more BP eventually, i dont know why my skin in the mouth area is more sensitive than the rest of the face. is Eucerin Skin Reneal Moisturizer good? Right now I'm using All Purpose Gentle Cleanser that Dan recommended, and Complex 15 moisturizer that i love...except the flakiness is out of control on the mouth area. im also taking iron, zinc, vitamin c, 2 salmon (omega 3) supplements with my regimen. Hopefully BP will eventually stop irritating my skin, if not, jesus....i have no idea. but i appreciate your replies, honestly. thank you.

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Eucerin is better than you can imagine it being. Go ahead and switch to the

Eucerin Renewal and you shouldn't have any more problems.

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