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I am going to start eating less Carbohydrates but I need some help. I am a vegetarian and obviously, I eat a lot of bread. Currently, I eat white bread. My question, if I switch to whole wheat, does this take away all the carbohydrates or significantly reduce them? Do you think it will help my acne?


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switching to wheat would definitely help. But it won't cut out ALL carbs. The key is to cutting or switching to different things. No potato chips, no white rice , no SODA!

good luck

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Give up white bread immediately, it has a high GI (Glycemic Index) - GI is the ranking of carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels. IE, the lower the better. A good graph of low GI foods can be found here, http://www.amescompany.com/GIindex.html

I try to avoid bread all together, however if i really do feel like some i eat whole rye which has a low rating of around 50, much lower then white bread. Eat eggs, meat, fish, fruits, veges, avoid cereals, milk and bread. Do some research and find the best foods for you, it is different for everyone. Good luck.

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It's the specific carboydrate diet.

People use it to treat problems with the digestive system like chrons and IBS.

People also notice skin improvement, as I have done on it.

I am also vegetarian.

I eat eggs, cheese and vegetables with homemade red pesto (with lots of olive oil). I have been doing this for 3 months and I'm a bit bored of vegetables but the benefits outweigh this.

Also, I started eating peanut butter which is allowed on the diet if it contains no sugar or preservatives. I found my acne got really bad, but I didn't link the two until I noticed something on the SCD diet listserv (email based forum). Anyways it turned into a huge thread with tons of people linking peanut butter and peanuts to acne (possibly due to axofloxins they contain). So I suggest anyone with acne who's eating peanuts or peanut butter, stops eating it! :D

heres another good site for changing your diet to improve acne...


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