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quitting and starting up again..

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First of all, the regimen seems to be working great! I had a lot of acne back in march, but after I started on the regimen I kept getting better by the day, and I haven't had a single outbrake since (just the occasional pimple here and there).

But here's the thing. I think I read somewhere that you should avoid the sun using bp. That sucks. Summer is coming up and I'm usually better every summer (guess it's the sun) anyway, so I thought of taking a brake during the summer and start up again later. But I also read something about someone experiencing that the pb lost it's effects when she started up after a brake. It dind't help her the way it did before.

Does anyone have any experience with this? And is it true that you should be carefull staying too much in the sun when using bp-gel?

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Well, if you stop the bp, don't be surprised if you DO break out, but you'll never know until you try it I suppose. As for avoiding the sun, yep. That is why using a moisturizer with sunscreen is advised. You gotta be realistic though, it is impossible to avoid the sun completely. You can still use the bp if you want to, but use one of the recommended moisturizers that has a sunscreen, and try to avoid the sun when you can. Such as seek out shade when you can, wear a hat when reasonable to do so. And reapply the sunscreen/moisturizer when needed.

But if you do decide to stop the regimen, let us know how it goes for you. It might provide useful information for anyone else who has similar questions.

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Remain on the reg and just use a moisturizer with sunscreen. Everyday. Personally, I would never skip the regimen in favor of the sun. The regimen clears my skin and the sun just gives it wrinkles and cancer.

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