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I was a pimple popper addict, and i have just recovered fortunately, since i've stopped touching my skin, i've got hardly any pimples, but because i use to pop the pimples until all the puss came out, it would bleed, and i let them turn into scabs, i would sometimes have to pick at it again and again, because the pus wouldn't come out, and now i have uneven skin tone, and it is red in a few areas, were the scabs use to be, but not red as in the pictures you guys have posted, i didn't have those type of red spots, mine is on my forhead and they are red in the areas i picked at, i went to my doctor the other day, and by accident she saw my forehead, she said it looked like i had dermatitis, it is really hard to explain, but i have this problem only on my forehead, and i can't really diagnose myself, i didn't tell her the redness was from me picking my skin, i did wear a beanie before to cover up my disgusting habit, and maybe the beanie caused the irritation, but my question is, can you get dermititis from picking at your pimples, and as a result your forehead(in my case)gets inflamed(red). My doctor prescribed me with sigmacort 1% cream, which is a hydrocortisone acetate, it is hydroxybenzoates free, i'm just wondering if this stuff will make the red places on my face go away. I'm also a bit worried because i have looked this stuff up on the net, and it is specifically for dermatitis, so i'm not sure if i have it, please can you guys help me out. I have nearly ruined my life, and lost all the confidence in the world, i didn't even have moderate acne, when the trouble began, and i used to just make my pimples bleed, when there was nothing there. Now i'm turing the page, and trying to begin a new life, i'm going for a job interview next week, so that's why i'm desperate for info. The doctor told me that it would take a week for the cream to work, and that the redness on my forehead will go away. It's been two days, and i can't see any changes. Any info from you guys would be great.


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