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Don't worry about the kidney cleanse there's absolutely no need to do it. My estimation is that only a relatively small percentage of people who do liver flushes are also doing kidney cleanses. The toxins that are released go straight through you if you just take care of bowel cleansing. I know it's confusing at first but after you have figured how to do the flush it's a piece of cake.

It doesn't make a difference whether you fast for one or three days. I have tried both ways and the results are as good. The same thing goes for the chinese herbs: no need to take them. I'm not saying that you wouldn't benefit from them but the herbs are not compulsory. It is absolutely safe to do just the liver flush.

Here's two popular recipes:



Both these recipes are good. My recipe is a mixture of these two recipes. The only thing i would recommend to do differently is to take less grapefruit/lemon juice with the olive oil. One lemon is enough.

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I personally really like askshelley.com. She has a real good recipe for liver cleansing. I have done two following her protocol, using altoids and massaging the abdomen area, and have had none of the dreaded side effects like nausea. She also has tons of other real important information. And she answers questions real fast, probably the same day. I haven't experienced any improvement in my acne from liver cleansing but I have only done two. Will keep at it.

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