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has anyone of you tried super copperpeptides that they offer at skinbiology.com? I?ve been using the exfol serum after glycolic acid (5% and sometimes 30%) and the results have been minimal. or let me correct: the overall skin looks better ,the texture is better and so on...

but the indentations got better perhaps something between 0-10%! So I was wondering if someone has experience with the stronger product.

Because I believe that the only think that can helb with indented rolling or ice-pick scars is either needling/subcision or copper peptides. the rest of the methods are either exfoliation products that are good for the general texture or other creams where I've heard mixed results that let me doubt!

Thanks for answering, guys and good luck!


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Have you been to the Skinbiology forum located at www.delphiforums.com ? I've posted there quite a bit. I use Super Cop ; but also use Trireduction(with retinol in my cream)that I started with because Super Cop can get harsh if used every day. They've only lately come out with Super Cop. I also use 2% exfol cream most days a week and I use 30% glycolic acid twice a week. I've been at it for 4 and 1/2 months and have at least 60% improvement for some really bad depressed and pitted scars, though they are still very much there. I think I started posting at delphi in January and have posted there a lot. I also take 2000 mg of vitamin C a day and have been on Vitamin C for 16 years (was taking it to prevent the flu and colds but now think it may be helping me with the collagen as a result also).Unfortunately, not everyone has as good and/or as fast a result as I've had. My main experience is not with the CP Serums(I have the, also new,Super CP Serum that was sent along with an order as a free sample). I use it some for the variety and to see what it can do. I have doubts about it working as well as the creams but haven't used it enough alone to be sure. I've posted at delphi alot with detail on my experience (and mistakes I've made in these 4 1/2 months concerning how much and how often to use acids). Super Cop is a stronger version of Trireduction with retinol (Super Cop has retinol in it). People that still break out aren't suppose to use the retinol versions I believe and are suppose to either use the trireduction cream that doesn't have retinol in it or they can use the serums.

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Have been using 40% glycolic (twice a week) on stretchmarks followed by tri-reduction P&R with Retinol at night - around 3 weeks now. It is definately working and I expect I will need to continue for another 2-3 months to get really good results.

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