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Red pigmentation scarring: Seeking Answers

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Well i'll just jump right into it I guess. About 7 months ago I finished my accutane treatment, which completely got rid of all my acne. Unfortunately, I am still left with the red 'x marks the spot' blotchs on my face. I guess they have faded somewhat, but nothing significant. Anyways, I have noticed that there are SIGNIFICANT differences in the blotchs dependant on the time of day. In the morning when i first wake up / early evening through night are times when the scarring is virtually invisible, I mean you can't see a darn thing. However during the day (8am-2pm) it seems to be much much worse. I come home from school some days and look in the mirror to find much of my face practically glowing red, as if I were flushed like I just ran a mile or something. I don't understand this.. why do I have to look my worst during the peek of the day?? I'm kind of hoping that this is some kind of sign for the better, that maybe its healing? And also, if theres ANYTHING I could do to speed up the healing process, I would like to be made aware of it.

And just to show you what I'm talking about, I just took a picture of myself with the digital cam. It is now 1am my time, one of those times where the scarring is practically non-existant.


You can see im not exagerating at all right? Theres nothing there!! Why can't it look like that during the day??? ](*,)

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Hmmm, maybe it's the lighting, or the way you turned your face (are your scars on the side we can't see? :D) But I think your face looks good man, or is that what you're trying to show? :D

Anyway I've noticed the same thing, after I wake up they're barely noticable. Or maybe my eyes just haven't fully opened yet. :D Nah, they are less visible in the morning. I guess the only way to deal with this is to get rid of the completely, so they're NEVER visible! :D/ Easier said than done.

But your face is not bad at all. Hope you find something that works. :D

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