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Okay everyone, I just started the Cuticura bar soap this past Monday, and its working really well, my face is soft and smooth and completely clear except for ONE pimple on my lower left cheek that is threatening to pop up. It has been forming since Sunday, but has been kinda deep the whole time so somedays I thought it was gone. Well due to the fact that Im prob getting my period today, thats prob why it decides to pop up today. Well anyways, in 6 days Im traveling out of town for 20 days to visit my best friends that I havent seen in a year, and we'll be going out a lot, which is why i want to look good. So can ANYONE please tell me of a sure bet OTC product that will stop it in its tracks? I guess until then ill use a little tea tree oil and hope for the best, but i would relaly really appreciate if someone could tell me a sure fire way to get rid of it. Otherwise I dont want to have to wait for it to come, then live, and then die, and then recover, thats jsut too long of a process!! Need help NOW please!

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yeh i really like the acnomel stuff, it doesnt burn the skin like BP,

but if your clear except for one pimple, cmon now is it really that big of a deal to have just one

i wish i had that problem, of just one blemish to deal with

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