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Man my life is sucking MAJOR dick! I'm 17 in 12th grade and I go to a predominantly black private school. As an African-American, my acne sticks out more than any of you can EVER imagine. For those who don't know, blacks tend to have clearer skin. Because of this, my moderate acne seems like extremely severe acne. In my graduating class of about 100, I know of only 3 other students (THREE!) in my class with moderate or severe acne, and 2 are caucasian. Besides this, my skin is two different complexions (nose is lighter, forehead and cheeks are darker) and no bleaching technique helps me.... evil.gif I rarely look people in the eye and walk with my head down because of this. It makes me feel worthless, like I don't deserve any female. What makes it worse is that it just recently worsened a couple months ago (I started breaking out in 10th) and I don't have money to buy new products (Parents are sick of shelling out 100s of dollars). I even have worn foundation eusa_naughty.gif but I got caught and exposed in school, which ruined my rep. So now I look like an ass every day with innumerable blemishes on my forehead as well as three cysts on my forehead and three smaller cysts on my cheek.It really sucks when Im walking down the street and girls notice me far afar but are dissapointed when they get closer. Man...this truly sucks! I can't even get a decent job either! (Thats another story) What truly makes it worse is when I look at pictures of myself when I was younger and how attractive I used to be...I guess this is what ugly looks like....Thanx 4 reading.

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