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I bring good tidings

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Blah. I've been through a lot with acne. Severe, mild... (more mild than severe). Peopling making rude comments, having horrid foundation (I am a girl, I wear makeup, but my skills have greatly improved in color choosing AND application!) I used SOOOO many different products....

A few weeks ago I went on Vacation to Hawaii. Before I went I discovered some wonderful products that aided in helping me to look my best, and not like a girl with bumps and redmarks all over her face and back.

Covergirl makes a wonderful tinted moisturizer. I suggest getting the tone you SUSPECT you will be after getting a little bit tanned!

Covergirl Aquasmooth foundation- great stuff. Make sure bring along a darker tone (I know it's hard to judge!) so that you don't have a tanned body with super light foundation on! But this foundation is water resistant- definitly- I was shocked and quite happy to see how well it lasted!

Neutrogena makes a wonderful package of "Make-up Remover" wipes. These are so nice!!! If you need to wash your face on the airplane, or at the airport, or need to just crash into bed without spending all that time splashing your face with water and whatnot- these are GREAT not only that I noticed a HUGE improvement in how clean my skin was and how long I was able to keep acne AWAY (practically the WHOLE trip it was GREAT). This makes cleaning your face so easy! nice if you are going to camp or be spending the night at a friends house and don't want to spend 1 hour in the bathroom taking care of your face (which I have done!)

I also used Neutrogena "On the spot" medication on my face extensively BEFORE going on the trip. This helped tremendously. I used "Persa-gel" (10%BP) on my back as well as "AcneFree Blackhead Terminator".

Also, I used a tanning bed BEFORE going to hawaii (so my winter white skin would not scorch in the harsh sun). While I can't say that there were any REALLY noticeable effects on my acne DUE to tanning, it seemed like it helped to improve my skin. This also helped in judgeing what color foundation to buy before the trip.

Next I brought a nice hat. I kept my face protected from the sun as much as possible (my head too, to keep from getting scalp burns!)

I had a great trip being clearer than I had in a year! I hope that if you are going on a trip to a sunny place, or want to have a great summer some of these ideas will be helpful!


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