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Guest Shjaker

What do you like about yourself?

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Guest Shjaker

We all know what you don't like about yourselves. That seems to be what's most commonly talked about.. but it's time to take a new perspective and see what you do like about yourselves. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, [sexually? O_O;], anything, just as long as it's positive.


-I have lively eyes

-My teeth are 95% straight - thus the bad bit can be easily fixed ^_^

-The fullness/color of my hair, how it looks its best natural

-My body's not bad

-I have small ears : )

-I think my overall facial features are cute and endearing [alienating the acne]

-My feet are kinda cute, for feet..

-All the scars I have make for good bedtime stories

-my sly grin


-emotional endurance/strength


-how I can make my mum laugh when she's down

-physical endurance [i can run for massive amounts of time]

-survival skills!

-sense of humor ^_^

-my randomness

-I can type fast..

-I've gotten good at keeping secrets?

-maturity [at times..>_>]

-dont ask me why I like how perverted I can be.. its more in a humorous way.. maybe thats it..

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- i like my hair.

- i like my body overall... toned, skinny.

- teeth are 99% straight and white, only problem is that left front tooth is ever so slightly lower than the right.

- i like how im shy but i can be the biggest goof.

- i laugh easily.


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- good body (skinny, somewhat toned)

- teeth are perfectly straight

- great with speaking in public (thats what years of theatre does to you)

- i play 4 instruments

- im a hip hop producer

- i can be very intelligent when i want to be, but at the same time i can manage my humor and not be pulled off as a nerd

- im not an outcast

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-Being able to bench 70 pounds more than I weigh

-Good teeth (could be whiter, maybe smaller though)

-I like my jaw. Its all firm and shit.

-Tan skin (but still acned)

-Cute hair

-Ability to fix anything

-Creative -applies in art and in the bedroom

This was a really good post idea. I feel much better. Yay Quantum

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Guest Shjaker

Since the little squirt isn't posting, here's what I like about Avian:

-fun to talk to

-at least tries to understand me instead of giving up altogether

-laughs at my sad attempts at being funny

-gives good advice

-wise beyond his years?

-has a cool avatar

-has a black cat like me

-doesn't take a long time to answer, usually

-draws hilariously crappy animals, that ironically turn out really great just because they're funny

-conversation flows

-doesn't get mad at me for being stupid

-changes the subject when im being fattist

-good friend

-nice guy

-makes an effort


-the hilarious sayings..

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i like:

my face (NOT the skin)

body is pretty okay

eye colour

sarcastic sense of humour

brain .. if that even makes sense. but yeah i'm just glad i'm not an idiot.. i like that i'm openminded, smart, spiritual (personality?)

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my body (athletic penis...i mean..build)

my hair (blonde, decent style)

My sporting ability (paid money for playing)

major sarcastic sense of humour

My eyes (cool blue colour)

my teeth are straight (after braces, f*ck i hated those things)

my tattoos (pretty unique, hopefully attractive to the opposite sex otherwise 'shit those things cost' )

my intelligence ( worst behaved child of my year but still got good grades, a massive "f*ck you teachers and in your face"- sorry self therapy evil.gif

Hell i pretty much like everything about me (without being arrogant) except damn ACNE! i suppose id like my nose to be a little bit smaller but thats just looking for the tinniest imperfections- besides, in ancient times males with big noses were attractive because they represented masculinity! eusa_liar.gif

ah well genetics predicts another half a year of the bastards (ACNE) so lets be avin ya...

funny how scientists, dermatologists and doctors gave such a disgustingly disfiguring condition a nice name like 'acne' as if it sounds similar to bout of the common cold. i propose .......'disfigurate disgustinho' hell, that could catch on..... biggrin.gif

good post by the way... eusa_clap.gif

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Guest Shjaker

I like your style steep

Nothing. That's my problem. I have nothing of value.

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Guest Amy Lee

1.) I have a good vision, never wore glasses or contact lens.

2.) I'm happy to have a good set of teeth, never wore expensive braces.

3.) I have strong legs... could be because of my fatness haha

4.) my attitude (I may not be perfectly good, but I can say 80% of me is not evil.)

5.) I never have any problems with body odor, never use deodorant.

6.) I never have any problems with bad breath. I can go on for weeks without brushing without having to worry how my mouth smells.

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This is a nice post.

hmm what do i like about myself. Now that i come to think of it. I like alot about myself.

- I have a nice body (everyone compliments me on it)

- I am extremely caring and compassionate

- I am very romantic

- I am a great friend

- I have a kind heart

- I am a great daughter, sister and a girlfriend.

- I am pretty healthy

- My teeths used to be fucked but they are about 98% straight with the help of braces

Ok that's all for now. hehe

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