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Everyone... post your regimens...

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I want to see if i can learn a few things from some of you about acne and how you deal with it. Maybe we can all learn something here and we'll all be clear soon.

Ok heres mine.

Nothing goes on the face. Nothing. I work from the inside.

I take vitamins C, E, and Zinc all twice a day along with b5 three times, morning, lunch and noon.

No sugars or chips and any junk food.

And thats it!

So far im on my second day of my regimen and i think its gonna work.

Things that didnt work:

BP, Aloe vera, Apple Cider Vinager, Toothpaste, Soap..i cant think of any more.

Putting Aloe Vera on and other stuff on my face only caused more break-outs. I really believe now that nothing should be put on our face. Its just not meant to be.

How about you?

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Guest Shjaker

Hum... Things that didn't work first:

1. OXY pads - it didn't get better, it didn't get worse

2. BP - my skin was too sensitive. It was constantly red and dry, and often swelled up at random.

3. washcloth + scaldingly hot water. I WAS SUCH A MORON!

Speaking of #3.. I was doing the diet thing back then. And it probably would've worked had I not done the hot water thing.


Hot water + scrubbing! X_X

What I'm doing now : ) [today's Day 7 and I am very pleased as of yet. I'm trying to take a mostly NaTuRaL route]

[morning and night] Wash with:

-ClearLogix cleanser [gentle.. contains sac./glc. acid, retinol, and vitamin E]

-ClearLogix spot treatment [contains the same thing]

I just get the tap running on lukewarm water and wet my face, then lather some cleanser in my hands and GENTLY lather it on my skin. I don't even move the skin, it's very very gentle. For about 10-30 seconds maybe. Then I splash lukewarm water to rinse it off, then do some cold water at the end. I want to do it fairly natural so I simply cleanse to get dirt/oil off then leave it.

As for my diet! I've eliminated the following [they personally do nothing good for my acne]:

-white potatoes [sweet potatoes are fine]

-greasy foods [which includes a lot of meat.. i only eat fish and lean chicken]

-all sugar

-most dairy [i drink calcium enriched OJ, a little throughout the day to even out the small sugar intake. milk = soy milk]

-i eat wheat in small amounts

-when it comes to nuts, i only eat almonds/walnuts. A small handfull at maximum

Everything else is fine for me ^_^

So far it's going wonderful! I washed my face this morning and there were very few bumps.

I don't pick/touch AT ALL and I try to sleep on my back so just in case smooshing my face in the pillow IS an irritant, I can avoid that. I also get moderate exercise.

I also get a daily dose of sun. Not purposely laying out, just running around and being a moron.

I really think in a few months I'll be pretty clear ^_^ Right now I'm mostly red marks and they're fading fast

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I try to drink at least a litre of water a day, in addition:

Twice daily wash with Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foam

Twice daily moisturise with Garnier Pure A Lotion

Twice a week I use Botanics Silky Serum capsules.

I also apply Clearasil 3 day Treatment Cream to my active acne

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Cetaphil for oily skin twice a day. Drink v8 juice (good idea from Vertigo. Stuff is tasty.) Im just biding my time till Accutane round 2.

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I'm on Proactiv, and it's amazing!

I use the three-step system morning and night, followed by their skin lightening lotion (it's amazing); I've been using it for long enough that I don't need moisturizer. I use their clay mask 4 times a week.

I drink 10 cups of water a day. I can't stress that enough. My skin started clearing up a week after I sterted drinking more water.

I take Olay vitamins, "Super B-stress Defense" specially formulated for good skin.

I watch what I eat, but that's more to keep my weight down than for my skin, but I don't eat oils and sweets. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and very little salt (very important for good skin).

I DON'T EVER: dye my hair, smoke anything, suntan, or eat seaweed, as all these have proven to make my skin break out.

It sounds like a lot, but I'm really used to it now, so it's become routine. The good news is that it's WORKING! biggrin.gif

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Guest delta force operators




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Guest Shjaker



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Guest Avian

Wash face with moisturising Neutrogena twice a day. Retin A at night, BP in the morning. Used to be on antibiotics but I stopped to see if I could survive without them, and it appears not. Accutane time.

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Guest Zitro

What i do is:

morning : shower with stiefel acne-aid bar cleanser (cleans pores and attacks oilness), then use BP 2.5% on my face and whole body (about 75% of what Dan uses in the video)

evening : wash my face with the same cleanser, and then use benzamycin all over me.

This combination helps me avoid having tons of redmarks (benzamycin work) like I had before (Example, my left jaw and neck in my last sidal pic of my gallery), it also is not overly irritating (problem I had by using all benzamycin), and helps against cysts better.

IN addition, I have monthly facials.

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I got this from another board but I will follow most of these routines because it sounds promising!!

First of all if you have a bad skin complexion & acne scars & you want the scars to go away & the complexion to look good... Here's some tips & stuff to use...

1.)Drink lots of water, if you can't stand water! Try ice water! It's not only good for your skin & body, but it's very relaxing & relieves stress. Make sure to stay away from alcohol & soda of any kind. Health drinks should be fine as well as smoothies that has fruits in them,meaning no ice cream! Try plain yogurt instead!

2.)Make sure you get Vitamin tablets.. mainly look for Zinc,Vitamin C & Vitamin E pills! These help your skin a whole lot.. Take these three daily & with time you should see results!

3.) Face masks are good for your complexion & they even stop acne from coming. I recommend these..

Zia Apple Refining Mask

Astara Activated Sea Mineral Mask

Zia French Clay Purifying Mask

Astara Violet Flame Enzyme Mask

4.)Try twice a week to lather up morning and night with a wash containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) Which slough away skin's outer layers. These are for people who most likely have an uneven skin tone due to acne & scars! Try one of these products to help!

MD Formulations Facial Cleanser

DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash 7%

Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Face & Body Polish

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

5.) It's also good to use a sunscreen for your face! Try these products...

Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Daily Mositurizer lotion

Amore Pacific Natural Protector SPF 23 Sunscreen

6.)Blemishes... Give this a try...

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Treatment Mask.

7.)Cleansing & lotions.. Get soaps & lotions that are "non-comedogenic" meaning that it's very unlikely to clog pores, which causes acne! I recommend these two.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar (Moisturing Non Comedogenic)

Cetaphil Lotions of any kind should be fine...

8.)Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables,meaning alot of salads,apples,oranges,pineapples,pears,peaches,grapes etc etc... Stay away from alot of salty & sugary foods.Stay away from alot of candy & chocolate, it's ok to have some every now & then but don't over indulge in too much of these things.

9.)Get plenty of rest & make sure you get alot of it... Remember we need at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep in.Also follow a routine to go to bed at the same time every night at a reasonable time! The less stress & tired we are, the most likely that we won't break out!

10.) Excercise!! Not only do you get fit & feel good, but it's real good for your body including your face!!

11.) Remember to take care of your body every night.. Meaning always take your bath, wash your hair every night & morning,brush your teeth & floss every night & morning! I don't know if this benefit for your acne, but it's good to do anyway lol!

12.) Also, don't pick at pimples or scars!! Definate no no!

13.)It might be good to sleep face up if you can, it's

optional though. So your face won't be smothered with the pillow or so bacteria or anything won't settle in if you don't change your bed sheets or pillow sheets often.

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^^^^^ great post! ^^^^^

Like i said, im following the vitamin thing and it looks like i picked the right ones according to the above post!

I will also try to get more sleep (with school now over, this is possible) and i need to keep myself in shape. Does doing simple weights count for helping my acne? Im using 25 pounders. I started last week and im feeling great!

I hope people here who still have acne problems (like me) are taking notice of what each other is doing so we can all be clear very soon!

Keep the regimens coming!

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25 lbs should be fine!! I'm using that lol! Go here & look for different excercises you can do for all parts of your body depending on what equipment you're using! www.bodybuilding.com . Also, you don't have to use all the products I mentioned but search & find which one that may work best for you.

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Guest WhyGOD111

One bag of broccoli a day.

Four heads of garlic a day

liter of water a day.

wash my face before I go to sleep. put a ton of moisturizer on after dont let three minutes go by in between washing face and appying moisturizer.

exercise(run 2 miles a day) havent done that in over a year though.

junk food once every 2 weeks.

no soda.

I think If I started to exercise again I would become completly clear the only problem is I dont have the energy to do it anymore....

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i try to drink 2l of water a day, also i cut out all junk food.

im a vegetarian anyway, so i dont eat any meat - goes w/o saying!

my main regimen i washing my face twice a day with spa magik clay soap, and thats all i touch my face with. i ordered 30% glycolic peel from ebay yesterday- so ill be starting that soon to hopefully clear my redmarks somewhat.

things that didn't work for me:

washing my face with really hot water and nothing else.

not washing my face at all.

loreal pure zone products.




panoxyl wash

isotretinoin cream

lots of different creams that i cant remember the names of...

probably more things i cant remember as well!

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Sleeping face up

Wieght training 3 times a week

Drinking 3 litres of water a day

Taking vitamin E, C, + B, Zinc and Cromium

Eating well

Not becoming stressed

Never touching my face

Using aloe vera

Taking Roaccutane

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Wash with Dermol (non medicated, just retains moisture or something)

Once when I first get up. Once just before bed.

Eat lots of fruit: apples, pears, raisins.

No diary, fatty/greasy/refined stuff.

Wholemeal bread.

Baked crisps not fried.

Loads of water.

Dry face and hair with seperate towels.

Sleep face up, turn pillow every day, changing it every 3.

Don't ever touch face (except when washing)

Tea tree oil if an individual spot warrants it.

Keep calm.

That's it really, no real medicated stuff.

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Here's mine:

In the morning:

1)Take warm warm shower, shove my face under the shower and leave there for a while

2)Wash face with Johnson Baby Bath and use warm warm water then cold water.

3)Pat dry.

4)Don't touch face for rest of the day (though sometimes i forget).

In the evening

1)Wash mouth and jawline area with Johnson Baby Bath. Do not wash cheeks and nose and forehead with Johnson Baby Bath, just use water for these area.

2)When washing face, use warm warm water and then cold water.

3)Pat dry.

4)That's all folks!


1)Cod Liver Oil capsules

2)Redoxgen (Vit. C) capusles (2 times a week)

3)Lots of veggis and fruits, espeically raisins and cucmbers.

4)Drinks tons and tons of water.


Sleep on back and don't rub face on pillows.

P.S. My face is okay, slight improvment but then I've only been on this regime for 10 days. still trying it out.

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