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How to Increase healing?

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I find my acne always looks worse because my face doesn't heal as quick as it used to! I think its due to all the harsh chemichals that doctors prescribe to 'burn your face off' (aggressive Pharmaceutical companies making huge profits!) Even if u have a single new spot appear, the old post-spot red marks take ages to clear!

I've been on B5 (10g a day) for a week now and taking 1g of vitamin C, garlic capsual with added fruit on top of that. I avoid refined sugar (Refined carbs/sugar = more insulin = more hormones = more sebum (oil) = more bacteria = more acne). I also limit dairy products and red meats.

What about the Acne lightbox, has any1 had success with that treatment? Ive been using that 30mins a day (morning and night, 15mins a go) for a week. My skin is starting to clear up and look better but those damn red marks! mad.gif

If anyone has any input i'd be grateful! wink.gif

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have you tried bio oil?? glycolic peels? you should check out the redmark forum if you havent already- its given me ideas on what to help with my redmarks! good luck!

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Yeh thanks, ive just checked out the red marks forum and its pretty good. Glycolic peels = not a good idea for acne prone skin makes it even more sensitive,itchy..

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I've been using glycolic peels to successfully control breakouts. Initially the glycolic peels will bring existing breakouts to the surface, but after a few treatments, it will clear out the pores and greatly reduce the amount and frequency of breakouts. Also, if you do have a breakout, you can dab the glycolic acid directly on the pimple (and rinse after the desired waiting period) to dry and speed up the healing.

Further, glycolic peels will also control the skin's oil production. A peel will usually leave my skin much less oily for about a week.

Of course, if you already have sensitive skin, you need to be careful when using peels of any kind.

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