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I am fairly new to this board and I just need to vent right now. Within the last two years my skin has gone back to what it was when I was in high school; a complete mess! It all started the summer before I was to start high school (perfect timing), I had completely clear skin and was looking forward to meeting new people, playing sports, and hooking up with pretty girls. Then all of a sudden about a month before shool started it happend; a severe breakout of cystic acne that covered my entire face! It was so bad that my mother felt sorry for me and took me dermatologist. I thought that the medicine he gave me(Retin A) would clear it up so I wasn't that concerned; but after two months I saw no improvement. I tried every other topical medicine and nothing helped at all. I started high school and people kept asking me what I did to my face and why I wasn't washing it. My girlfriend at the time started cheating on me with one of my best friends who just happend to have flawless skin. I was heart broken and went into a shell that I would stay in for the remainder of my high school years. I stop playing sports, stop hanging out with friends, and started drinking and selling drugs. I had become a completely different person and it was all because of acne. I hated going to the mall and seeing my friends and other kids walking around talking to girls and enjoying the best years of their lives. I hated the fact that I could not be a part of that; I really hated my life. After almost three years of misery and seeing what I had become; my father took me to his dermatologist who suggested that I go on Accutane. After two months on it I started seeing a difference and within six months all of my acne was gone! I just had a ton of red marks which faded over the next three months. My life began to change and slowly but surely things got back on track. I joined the military at age 19 and for the next five years I did not have a single pimple on my face! Life was great and I was enjoying every minute of it. Then when I turned 26 it happend again! I began breaking out for no apparent reason! I tried ProActiv which seemed to make the problem worse. I then tried the Loma Lux Acne Pill which was a complete waste of money; neither did anything for my skin. I feel like I am reliving my high school years all over again! It is extremely depressing to have to go through this shit again; I can't believe that acne has come back to haunt me again. It's almost like it is out to ruin my life again because it knows that I was finally enjoying my life. I will be turning 28 soon and can't belive that this is happening. I am very depressed over this and it makes it worse that everyone in my family and all of my friends have flawless skin. I will be the first to admit that I am jealous of them which is one of the deadly sins. All thanks to this thing called acne......thanks for letting me vent. eusa_wall.gif

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