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Your cleansing regime

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(1) The Cleansing Regimen

(starting from first day of program, continuing indefinitely)


(upon rising; takes 25 mins):

- 3 mins steam face over sink/bowl of boiling water (from kettle), towel draped over head to trap in steam

- 5-10 mins lukewarm shower cleanse face w/ Nivea Baby Cleansing Milk


- while in shower take dollar-size amount of baking soda and rub wet into handful size paste, massage very gently in circles all over wet face, let sit 1 minute, rinse off

- pat dry after shower; now apply the "apple cider vinegar and water solution": 1 part apple cider vinegar to 6 parts water, e.g. 1 teaspoon (5ml) apple cider vinegar to 6 teaspoons (30ml) water in a bowl (increase concentration gradually with time to 1:2 vinegar to water), with cotton pad dab gently on individual spots, oily, inflamed and acne-prone areas, let dry 10 minutes

- get back in shower and wash off 30 secs w/ cold water OR rinse off gently in sink, let face air dry 1-2 minutes

- moisturize: apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to damp face as it's drying, massaging gently in light, feathery circles

EITHER this OUTSTANDING moisturizer (available in many pharmacies; look around or google for best online prices)

Allergenics Emollient Cream http://www.wellbeing-uk.com/itemInformatio...?itemCode=E1697


one based on emu oil w/ all natural ingredients

(recommend Emu Essence Naturals' Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion)



(just before bed; takes 40 mins but you can other things while mask dries):

- 3 mins steam face over sink/bowl as in morning

- crack egg into bowl, scoop out egg yolk with spoon so only egg white is in bowl, add 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice to bowl and mix together. apply this w/ cotton pad to face, let dry 20 mins

- 5-10 mins lukewarm shower cleanse face w/ Nivea Baby Cleansing Milk, let face air dry

- apply Nivea Baby Panthenol Ointment let dry 5 minutes


- while above moisturizer is drying take 6-8 aspirins ("uncoated" ideal, buy at any supermarket): crush between backs of 2 spoons into bowl and pour just the slightest bit of water into bowl (enough so crushed aspirins are wet), wait a minute or two for aspirins to dissolve into a PASTE, stir a bit with finger and then dab this paste on to individual spots. say goodbye to spots and leave on overnight. do nightly for as long as you have individual spots to treat.

Hi Antony.

Kinda hoping you can explain a little about this cleansing regime.

Its seems awesome, i have no doubt it is truly effective. However, for the layman like myself, some aspects are a little impractical or atleast beyond the realms of what I'm willing to try, eusa_eh.gif

However, that doesn't mean I want to completely disguard your advice.

I'm left wondering these things;

*What purpose does the baking soda serve, is it truly safe to apply sodium bicarbonate to the face and would there be any alternatives to achieve the same effect? ie. Gentle exfoliating scrubs?

*What exactly does the nivea baby cleansing milk do and again would there exist any alternatives to achieve the same effects? ie. Simple soap?

*What exactly does the Apple Cider Vinegar do?

*Rather than the aspirin mask, could the same effect be achieved with salicylic acid?

*Is the egg mask truly necessary, or is it just a fancy extra to improve skin tone?

In no way am I saying, 'Why on earth do you do this?'. Rather, I'm interested in the underlying principles behind eachaspect therefore allowing me, (or any other user) to consider for themselves the efficacy and appropriateness of each aspect, as opposed to just blindly following the whole regime.

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Who cares how it works?


If something doesn't seem right just tweak it until it does. Everyone's skin is different.

So listen to your skin.

steaming opens pores to loosen sebum impactions, works especially well for blackheads and in general doubles the effectiveness of whatever you do to your skin immediately after steaming

baking soda granules gently exfoliate, lighten and balance skin tone while dissolving dirt and grease

acv dissolves sebum in pores and gets excess and unevenly shed skin cells out of pores, enhances acid mantle of skin, lightens marks

egg white - lemon mask: egg white albumin tightens pores, lightens marks, lemon dissolves and clears out dead skin and sebum in blocked pores

nivea baby milk soothes and fights inflammation, gives your skin a well deserved break (literally, babies it) with a product designed for the most sensitive skin in the world (babies') without blocking your pores (even though it feels oily, just wash it off, it is actually really moisutirizing your skin and will help normalize sebaceous secretion)

in theory aspirin mask is performing same function as a salicylic acid cleanser but the latter comes deceptively packaged in commercial products with overdrying ingredients, counterproductive for acne; direct application of aspirin has proven time and again a highly effective overnight on-the-spot cure (3-4 nights usually for all but the most stubborn acne lesions), an alternative is rubbing a fresh cut garlic clove on the spot. (you can also dice up the garlic and swallow it down with just a little water-- incredibly powerful antibacterial limiting your P. acnes bacterial populations from the inside out, like an antibiotic without the prescription wink.gif

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