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How long would be considerd a full nights sleep...

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8-9 hrs; adults are fine with 7-8. research in late 80s suggested that those who get 7.5hrs live longer than those who get less or MORE, which was controversial, but many experts today believe that most of us don't get enough. some poeple simply seem to need more or less of it than others. don't eat within 3 hours of bed so your liver doesn't have a metabolic burden and can properly detoxify your body and filter your blood while asleep ie in cleansing/repairing/regenerating mode so you wake up refreshed not groggy like morning after the thanksgiving dinner. you only grow in your sleep and at 16 that's a lot of growth hormone you're secreting in your sleep (90mins after falling sleep and again before waking); getting 8-9 regularly ensures you're getting enough. unfortunately most 16 year olds stay up very late and in consequence dont get enough because they have to be awake by 7am or so for school. i was certainly one of them!

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Accutane can often fatigue you a bit, giving you both persistent low-level fatigue but also making you need an extra hour or two most nights. Not a bad sign of any health problems really, but probably just because it is such a burden on your liver even when your healthy that your liver needs more time to properly do its job while you're asleep of cleansing your blood of hormones, metabolites, toxins, etc.

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