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Smoothbeam/VBeam Questions

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Questions about Smoothbeam, which I might get to heal( eusa_pray.gif ) shallow scaring. Of course, once I am done with Accutane and after the three month waiting period.

1. Is it good for shallow scarring?

2. Is it good for ice pick scars, which I have quite a few of?

3.Is it good for depressed scars? (Not sure if I have many, or any, of these, but just to be on the safe side.

4.How much of an improvement is usually expected?

5.How long is the healing period?

6.What can I expect my face to be like during theh ealing period. (I.E. Red, swollen, etc.)

Any information would be helpful.

Just an idea of what the scars look like, I don't have a camera, well, a digital one. So this will have to suffice. During the morning, in natural light, when my face isn't red from Accutane/Red marks, usually, I can't really notice them. But in some places, not really mirrors, but places that show off all the marks in reflections, it is full of ice pick scars, I don't think any are really deep. I tried the skin stetch test, and most, if not all, go away. Of course, I think it is bad, but i'm not sure what otehr think. And, in the end, it is only my opinion that counts about my own, personal feeling/body. This would help my self-esteem sky-rocket, which it hasn't since acne has took it tull. anyways, i'll stop with the rambleing, hopefully this was enough information for you to picture what it looks like. Obviously it looks worse with the Red marks, which help bring out the scars a little 'better.'

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Hey, I'll try to answer a few of your questions. I've had 3 (or was it 4?, hmm..) smoothbeams about a year ago. It is not meant to help icepicks, but is supposed to help with slightly depressed scars or rough, "orange peel" texture skin. (I think there is pretty general recognition that smoothbeam does not help icepicks or very deep scarring, so if a doctor is telling you otherwise, find another doctor!) I've most commonly heard 20-30% thrown around as the amount of improvement people saw, if they saw any improvement at all. If you search on this site for the smoothbeam threads, you will find people who said they got nothing from smoothbeam or even ended up with new little scars. For me, it just kind of helped to smooth out the generally rough texture of my skin a bit. I think I got one small scar from it. In general, I guess I am glad I did it but I would not give it rave reviews.

I had previously done pulsed dye laser, which is similar to v-beam, to get rid of redness. That was very effective--the coloring of my skin changed dramatically and red areas are absolutely not a problem for me anymore. I think people underestimate how much getting rid of the red will improve their appearance, even if there are still scars left behind. I think if I were to do it all again, I would do the pulsed dye laser but probably skip the smoothbeam and maybe try out fraxel instead.

If you have scars that kind of look like little icepick scars but aren't so deep, I would definitely think about TCA Cross. Again, search for the thread on this board for more info.

Good luck to you!

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Hey nice name. Sorry to get your hopes up but smoothbeam didn't do diddly squat for my scars. A waste of time and money. My scars are of the shallow rolling type. Save your money for another treatment. Of course this is my viewpoint.

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Well, I am going to the Derm in Sept, this is when the accutane waiting period, once you are off, is over. I'll ask what he can do. I have red marks, which, I think, make the scarring more prominent. I usually check i nthe morning when the blood isn't rushing like it is during the day, and I can't really notice them. Some light I can see indented scars, but once I look in the mirror, I can't see them at all. Anyways, i'll just see what the derm can do once I go back.

Any more treatments for this shallow scarring? I can't really feel it when I touch my face, so I know it isn't deep. TCA sounds nice, i'd have to do it during the school year, but i'd say it would be worth it in the long run. The ice picks don't bother me that much, as I can't see them in the mirror. I can see a few scars, but, like I said, the red marks really seem to bring them out more then they would if it was normal flesh color. I'm just glad summer break is comming so I don't have to worry so much about people look at my skin 24/7, as I would if I was attending school during the break.

Any advice would be helpful. And, of course, thanks for the aadvice that you have gave.

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Guest delta force operators

u gotta remember to update..alot of people get good results and never come baack we need your updates..we both suffer the same condition

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