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B5 Time Release vs Normal B5 Tablets

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Hi, Which is better Time release or normal i have just brought some 500mg time release capsules so would like to no if there is any difference and which is better and how many time release capsules should i take and at what times and what with?

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Im taking B5 supplements, i take the normal capsuals 5 times a day after food if i can (4 pills, 2mg each time)......it seems to be working for me. Evolution-x is what i take they offer a 60day money back guarantee. A bottle of 400pills costs £25. But if you're clever, order a 60 day amount, after the 60 days is up, ask for the money back guarentee saying it hasnt worked. In the meantime making sure u have got a family member to order you new bottles under a different name - free medication.

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I'm taking time released B5 right now from www.acne-vitamins.com. I've only been taking them for about 2 weeks so I cant really say how effective they are. I take 2 1000mg pills a day - once with food in the morning and once at dinner (as recommended on there website) - if your pills are 500mg - take 4 a day.

I used to take 10g a day for about 1 month but I got really sick of taking 20 pills a day and not to mention it wasnt that cheap. I'm not saying one is more effective than the other I just wanted to try this out to see how well they work so I will keep people posted.

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