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Guest agentx

For Gods sake post something !!!!

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Guest agentx

Man, ive been asking the same question in 3 posts O:) noone seems to be looking at the question. I wanna know that i ate two 20 mg caps of accutane and i broke out like HELL ... is that the "initial" breakout or just another breakout?

Also is the initial breakout just one breakout? or does it come and go more then once? ... like if we breakout once ... thats it? or can there be more then one "initial breakouts"

and this time please anyone who has been on accutane post your experiance ... it would really help!

Im already mad at my damn derm for prescribing me only 20 mg a day :-s

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i actually broke out every time the derm. upped my dose, so it may get worse before it gets better, but remember that in 5 months or so, you wont have to worry about it anymore.

i have a journal on the personal regime logs board if you want to read about my experience with accutane. i am currently on week 14, and have been keeping posts sinse i started.

good luck!

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that why i recommended smoothbeam

you shuld of done that or cooltouch

i guess its not avaiable

your diet has a huge way to affect acne

but that not for everone

just eat salad no avacado

peanut butter


hot chips

hot things

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Guest agentx

Hello50 i did ask my derm but he said that is only for pimples ... not the deep cysts that i have mostly ... and when i went to him i almost had 0 whiteheads and 100 cysts. So he opted not to do that.


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I've been on AC for about 7 weeks. I started with only 20 mg/day.

I broke out moderately, off and on, for about the first 4 weeks.

Midway of those first 4 weeks I increased to 30 mg/day.

At the 4 week mark I increased to 40 mg/day and that's where I'm at now.

I still get an occasional cyst but not as big as they used to be.

Maybe 1 or 2 per week. The small acne has really subsided nicely.

But it took 4-5 full weeks of starting low and inching my way up to 40 mg in order to get as clear as I am today. And I'm pretty damn clear compared to what I used to look like.

Expect to break out for at least the first month, and then a breakout each time your dosage is increased. Be patient and commit to riding this out. Its not easy, but, if you've resorted to AC then you've lived through some pretty bad days already, and this isn't much worse.

In the first few weeks I had many whiteheads and very clogged pores. Now I have almost none of either. I'm glad I stuck it out and had the patience to get through the worst of it. Now its just dryness and an occasional 2-3 small ones per week...to deal with.

Don't be mad at your derm. Your body needs to adjust to this new stuff rather than get pummelled with a large dose right away.

I hope that helped.

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Guest agentx

yea that helped :D i guess ill stick with 20 mg for the first two weeks ... then go on 40 for the next 2 and then after one month ... we`ll see what happens :D I hope i see results soon that would really be cool. Im better today after only 4 capsules but i dont think thats permanent :D


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