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B5 & cystic acne...for those that it helped

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I'm 24 and usually have 1 or 2 cystic pimples at any time on my face(T area is very oily). As soon as one clears, another one will pop somewhere else but the distribution is limited to about 10 spots. If you prefer, my cystic acne rotates between about 10 different spots. So far all topical and oral treatment has failed or did only very temporary improvememnt (tried bp, tazorac, minocin, accutane etc...). My md is suggesting me to take another round of accutane after this summer (so did 2 derms I have consulted) as it may leave deep scars since it appears in the same spots (so far no scarring).

my current approach is a healthy diet:

-I already have a fairly good diet (drinking only water, no chocolate/cookies or other processed sugar), I have replaced bread with oats, eating plenty of fruits (apples/strawberries) and various veggies, fish, chicken and as little pork as possible.


B5 - 5 to 6 g per day

B complex - 1 pill that contains about 50mg of each

Zinc - 25mg *2 each day

MSM - 1000mg

copper - 4mg to compensate for zinc

and physical activity (been doing this for about 3 years):

running 3 times a week + other occasional sports

I have combined all these elements for the past three weeks and added B5 about two weeks ago. I think after adding B5 my skin became a bit better and more smooth. It used to be reddish (might have been casued by tazorac which I stopped using about a month ago after a year of usage) but now it is almost returned to normal. But my oily skin is as regular as always so I'm wondering for those who were on B5 with oily face, how long it took you before the oilness has reduced?

Until the end of this summer I'm giving the "natural" way a try and would like to know if anyone had/has similar acne to mine and if they saw any improvements while taking the natural approach and what they used.

I'm also gonna see a gastroenterolog in about a month to see if I may be sensitive to some specific food.

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I have a TERRIBLE problem with cystic acne (im 20) and recently i started b5 (about two days ago) and i only take to pills a day (is that good enough?).

I used to put lots of creams and gels on my face but as of yesterday, i have stopped using those. They did way more harm than good.

I still have tons of left over cyst (mainly forehead, temples and cheeks) and they will take forever to go away but hopfully vitamins c, e and zinc (two of each a day) will help them go away sooner.

I have the same question as you, about b5 and oilyness.

I start summer school in 3 weeks, hopfully im all clear by then!

Heres to dreaming big!

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Hey guys,

Well, I never had cystic acne. Mine was mild, but I started taking 6g of B5 in January and ALSO combined it with diet, some supplements and lots of water. I cleared up in just over a month. I only took the B5 for 2 mo's and then I quit taking it, but diet has kept me pretty clear -- no inflamed zits, just small milia (which the B5 kept away, but they returned when I quit taking it.) A short while ago, I started taking just 2g of b5 a day to see if it would help with the clogged pores, but haven't seen results from it really. I'm probably not taking enough. One thing I did at the very beginning, though, was go have the milia extracted, and then while I was taking the B5, they didn't come back, so I'm going to go have them extracted again and see if just taking 2g will maintain.

Good luck. Drink LOTS of water while on B5- it's very important for your kidneys. I quit the first time because I had some stomach pains. I haven't had any problem with the lower dosage though.

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