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On Amnesteem Now, Starting Journal(Please Read)


My name is Jeffrey, and I have had mild acne for about 2-3 years now(I am 15 now, turning 16 July 11). I have tried a few different options to eliminate my acne, but to no avail. I tried Retin-A-Micro, Differin, Minocycline, Docycycline, Evoclin, and quite a few other over-the-counter medications. The acne seems to be resistant to these treatments. So after like 2 years of trying a ton of medications, my dermatologist finally prescribed the isotretinoin Amnesteem.

Today I began the course of Amnesteem. I took my first pill at 11:40 with about 14 ounces of water, and a can of spaghetti-o's. I plan to take the second pill tonight at 8:00. I must alternate my doses though. Today I take two pills, tomorrow I only take one pill. It averages out to 60 mg per day, or 1 mg per kg of my body weight. Today also marks the beginning of my usage of Aquaphor instead of Blistex. I really want to prevent my lips from getting too dry. I don't want to have to kiss my girl friend with dry cracked lips. Anyway, I am hoping to avoid the nosebleeds. I really dislike nosebleeds. With the Aquaphor, maybe, just maybe, I can avoid the dry lips too. I am going to take a picture today too, with a disposable camera. Just as a reference. I think that I will only take a picture once a month though, that way I don't get discouraged.

I am also going to be telling people to watch out for and alert me if the see any mood swings. I really don't want to end up being another Amnesteem suicide statistic. I highly doubt it though. I have a girlfriend who seems to be supportive enough, and few of my friends ever say anything about my acne to begin with. I am a bit worried about the initial breakout, my dermatologist says that nearly everybody who uses the medication experiences an initial break out. I have never experienced an initial breakout before, and hopefully I don't this time either. Anyway, I feel that this is the beginning of the end for my acne. Although a plethora of side affects await me, I feel it is ultimately worth it to be able to go in for a kiss, and not have to worry about my skin.

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Why a plethora of side effects? Ive been on roaccutane for 4 months and the only real side affect is dry lips and missed periods (which does not affect you wink.gif)

Everyone reacts to it differently, you will just have to wait and see, how is it going so far? If you want, you can read my log here too wink.gif I just started it today

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I'm Mike, recently turned 18, I've been suffering from a bad case of acne for almost 5 years. The pimples and soreness were incredibly painful it would hurt if i ever bumped anything against them. My dermatologist had given me sooo many different prescriptions I've lost count. We finally arranged to get amnesteem after nothing else seemed to work. When i first started taking amnesteem i noticed it bothered my stomach a bit and gave me dry lips, nose, face, everything. I didn't feel any elevated levels of depression. I feel that they had to put depression on there as a side effect because everyone feels a little depressed when their face looks like a pizza; how else ya gonna feel?? but theres always that one guy or girl who killed themselves while on the medication and I personally feel like its an immediate scapegoat for the frustration of all their loved ones whom decided they did everything they possibly could to support him or her. Some people are gonna feel alittle sad the first couple months because they expect it to work immediately, for some it will, others will take until the last month such as myself. but you shouldnt care, cause when you finish you're going to look better, feel better, and it really helps boost your self confidence. I have 1 more month to go and I'm incredibly excited. The pimples I used to have that looked like an erasor have disappeared! I hope that all other new users will take this into consideration after reading this. Remember to always keep your head up and have somebody to talk to!

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