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cream of tartar, how well, how long

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does anyone know how long it takes for cream of tartar to work for acne, i read on a post here that it worked and to take a teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning before eating anything and i was wondering how long do i have to wait for results and how effective is it???

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personally i like whole foods and think nature packages things in the way she does for good reasons. cream of tartar is salt byproduct from wine making. see below...


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASESâ€â€Many symptoms are similar to those of Alzheimer's disease (which see) and osteoporosis (which see).

Other symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, colic, rickets, extreme nervousness, headache, anemia, poor kidney and liver function, speech disturbances, memory loss, weak and aching muscles, and softening of bones.

It is believed, by many, that Alzheimer's disease is caused by aluminum poisoning. Aluminum was little used until the 1940s, when an inexpensive method was found to extract it from Bauxite by running an electric current through that ore. Since then, Alzheimer's has rapidly increased.

An excess of either aluminum or silicon in the body results in reduced absorption of calcium and other minerals. Aluminum salts in the brain produces impaired mental abilities and seizures. The autopsied brains of Alzheimer's patients had four times as much aluminum as did those of other people.

Aluminum also damages the kidneys which try to excrete it from the body.

WHERE FOUNDâ€â€Aluminum pots, pans, and other cookware. Aluminum foil, antiperspirants, deodorants, bleached flour, regular table salt, tobacco smoke, processed cheese, cream of tartar, douches, canned goods, baking powder, antacids, buffered aspirin, and most city water. Processed cheese is high in it, for the aluminum helps it melt when heated. Never use aluminum (or copper) cookware! Use stainless steel or glass whenever possible.

SOLUTIONSâ€â€Read labels and use nothing containing aluminum. Avoid aluminum sources and environments.

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Jeuxies thank you being on the alert about possible health problems from using foods in unorthodox ways.

However cream of tartar would have to be ingested in fairly large quantities consistently for a long period of time to really risk one's health in any significant way. I cleared this practice with two doctors myself before trying it. Taken in moderation (see below) its effect is highly beneficial for digestive cleansing, in a similar way to the fact that Apple Cider Vinegar is only very beneficial when ingested in moderate quantities (not that you could stomach any more than a highly diluted sip or two anyway!). Insofar as improved elimination and digestive efficiency can extend to improving someone's acne, using either cream of tartar or apple cider vinegar in this way may have some benefit. In my observation working for a naturopath, it often does.

Best is to put 1 TEASPOON in a mug of warm green tea, better yet with about half a fresh squeezed lemon also diluted within. Taken first thing in the morning 1 hr before breakfast and again at night before bed.

As with any natural approach to acne results vary wildly between individuals, but it tends to prove itself effective (if it will be for the individual) within a week, with very good results within a month.

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