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Does the following decrease accutane effectiveness

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taking it without food and drinking excessive amounts of water? because i have done all these things during my time on accutane, but concerning the food part of the question, it's not like i have taken it without food every day, just sporadically. Sorry to rush you, but i have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so i kinda need a fast response on this one, becasue i am likely to be discussing my skin and accutane treatment with her, thanks guys.

By the way, the most i was drinking a day was about 8-10 litres, but again, i have not been doing this consistently, but i still drink about 4-6 litres most days.

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Guest Craigems

Tane should always be eaten with food. Otherwise it wont absorb as well, and you'll just excrete the drug. You should always eat before taking most medications, if you want the drug to take effect quicker. Drinking lots of water is fantastic, but your body needs energy, and thats given by food, i'll be betting your feeling fairly lethargic.

Food is great 6 meals a day DO IT, but it all comes down to what you "EAT" to gain fat. If your one of those people constantly on a diet then do this, eat lots of salads, and skinless/unfatty meats, and some bread/cereals (non sugary), that way your getting a diverse range of foods that wont make you gain fat, but keeping you healthy and less lethargic. Plus by doing this will help with the absorption of tane, and hopefully you'll be seeing better results and potentially minimizing your course time.

Best of luck. keep drinking lots tho.

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