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Hi peeps

I need some serious help and I will appreciate all replies very much eusa_angel.gif

Ok first of all I have mild acne that's beginning to scar(doesn't help that I have a massive problem with picking). I am 21 but have had mild but consistent acne for the last 5 years.Im a male and weigh 70kg. I have tried every treatment under the sun(topicals,B5,diet ect) and none have gave me the max results I want.

My doctor wont prescribe me roaccutane so I have decided I will buy it online.

I have researched it as much as possible and am aware of the risks involved but I have weighed up the pros and cons and decided its worth the risk.

The questions I need answering are

- I weigh 70kg so would would 40mg be enough?

- could everyone give me names of sites where You can buy roaccutane cheaply to uk?

- Isotane 20 mg 100 capsules £109.45 <<<<<is this a good deal?

- Does everyone get a massive break out when they start accutane?

Thanks in advance for everyone who has taken time to reply.

Much appreciated biggrin.gif

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get ready for like a hundred people telling u not to do that!!! but im not one of them, i was about to buy it off the net but them my derm appointment came, but it is really risky, if u tell ur doctor u r about to buy it off the net they'll get worried and put u on it anyway,

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(I'm not going to say the obvious)

Other solution: Try a different doctor - if you know someone who has been prescribed Accutane go to their doctor. At least then you know you're going to one who isn't against prescribing 'tane.

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I got a pretty big breakout when i started but it clears up pretty quick.... also i am 75kg and am on 40mg and because the doctor won't prescribe it for u it should easily be enough...

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