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Does hydrocortisone 1% have pore clogging ingredients? Reason I ask is because I put barely any on the majority of my face just for the heck of it, I was only going to use it once and the next morning my face was covered with clogged pores/rash looking. However, I also slept that night with a bunch of polysporin and vaseline on my face to help heal my v-beam, which the derm said to use. There extremely small pinkish dots clumped together in certain areas. They kind of itch. This same thing happened using tea tree oil on my forehead a while back. The derm said that the oil clogged my pores and that it will go away on its own.

This is a major set back as I am still recovering from a intense v-beam. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

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I use a hydrocortisone 1% cream and it doesn't break me out but I bet anything that the breakouts might have something to do with the vaseline. When I was using a bp cleanser a little while back, my lips were really dry and I just said "what the heck" and I smeared vaseline all over my lips. Well, a lot of it got on my skin while I slept and the next morning, I had tiny, itchy clumps of breakouts-mostly around the lips. yea, it sucked!

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Ive been researching a bit and I think it might be contact dermatitis. I was using a lot of polysporin from my v-beam and I think it just got irritated from one of the ingredients. Yea I learned my lesson on that. So much for keeping my face clear. Now its real scaly and rough with a milllion little pinkish bumps. There not hard just kind of dry and scaly. Ive been reading on how to treat it and most just say to let it play its course because there isnt really a treatment for it. Just my luck and of course it had to be on my face. smile.gif

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