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My minor acne (red dots)

Few whiteheads

Has been like this for years with tyring regimen/proactive/some prescription.

B5 to me is smaking a slight improvement and i can tell im glad.

Its very expensive though. Did anybody find a deal online anywhere?

I am using vitamin shoppes panotheonic acid (b5) 500 mg.

taking 5 of them 3x a day at 6'0 175.

ANy suggestions for where to buy more, how much to take and any other precautions to take.

Oh btw at a party we were taking a lot of pictures and i couldnt even notice my acne.

mainly just red dots/sometimes an occasional whitehead.

I want to be clear by end of summer and i dont care if the b5 costs the $

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b5 is gonna be expensive no matter where you buy it from, it's just the nature of the product.

Considering your size, you should ramp your dosage up to 20 pills a day (10g). That's what's reccomended to everyone to start those enzymes pumping.

Also, remember, megadose on biotin and take your B-complex with doses.

Personally, I've found Vitamin Shoppe's b5 to be extremely cheap when compared to GNC's. I don't like to buy b5 online, because it's crucial to dose everyday and not to miss any, so if I'm running low, I don't want to be waiting for my online order to go through.

Vitamin Shoppe's b5 comes in a 500mg per pill, 300 pill bottle for only 19 bucks, which is pretty damn good, considering that will last you 15 days. GNC's brand of b5 on the other hand is 10 dollars for only 100 pills. So if you're buying straight from local stores, go Vitamin Shoppe all the way. They also have a cool rewards program that basically gives you money back for every dollar you spend there. I've already landed a free bottle of biotin.

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go to vitamins.com it's super cheap

I'm gonna second this, if you're buying online. 4 bucks for 100 500mg pills is awesome.

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