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Regimen for people with Acne Rosacea

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Hello!! I just found this awsome site!! I have had acne since I was around 13 years old. I am currently 29 so its been a constant uphill battle for me. When I first started getting acne my father told me to use rubbing alchole on my skin. This was terrible advice. It made my skin red as hell and I ended up with WAY more pimples then I started with. Next I tried all of the different brands of 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. I used WAY too much of these products and NO moisturizer's because I did not know any better. Again my face was destroyed by redness and peeling and even more acne Anyway, I ended up with Acne Rosacea once I hit about 22 or so. This was the worst. My face was red red red red!!! It looked terrible. Now my face was red with Rosacea and I had great big pimples. Finally someone gave me some great advice. They told me to quit using any type of acne treatment products and just use a very very gentle face cleanser and a very gentle moisturizer. WOW within 2 years my face made great improvements. Now I have very mild rosacea and its hardly noticeble. My acne has also made major improvements but its still not very good. I don't get big batches of small zits any more but I do get singular large cyst like pimples. I get at least 2-3 a week along with some small and mild pimples here and there. My face is very very very sensative because of me having bad rosacea in the past. Infact I feel that over using benzoyl Peroxide was the main cause of my rosacea. I am very scared to start this "Regimen" because of the 2.5% benzoyl Peroxide. Has anyone else had success with this program after over comming acne rosacea?? Anything In particular I should know about that is not already posted on this site?? I am getting close to really getting over the whole acne thing and I feel that this might just be the push out the door I need. It did take me over 7 years to get ride of the rosacea which is worse then having straight acne. I really don't want to go down that road again. I also feel that maybe using 2.5% benzoyl Peroxide maybe the key because the 10% was too much. Please any thoughts advice or encouragment would be GREATLY appreciated!!

THANK YOU in advance!!!!

NEVER EVER let your acne GET you down!!!! We are just as beautiful people as anyone else in the world!!! NEVER forget THAT!!!

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