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Any help would be great

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Ok.. here's my story. This is a last resort post begging for any input.

I'm 17. When I was about 14 I had TERRIBLE acne, but it's since gone away and I have what I would think to be mild acne, same as most other teens my age. Sometimes it gets worse, but on the whole I keep it looking alright (red scars are another story though.)

However.. this passed friday when I got home, i did something stupid. I picked at 4 tiny little blackheads in different spots on my face. I didn't expect much to happen, however when I woke up the next morning I was suprised to see 4 massive pimples on my face. Being the impulsive idiot that I am, I squeezed them (I think i've learned this is a bad idea now- but we all know how hard it is not to.)

Sunday I woke up to find they were even bigger, and now I have huge scabs over them. They don't even look like acne any longer.. they're just like big sores. Scars for sure. I gave them a day's rest and this morning they look even worse.

Here's my issue- I know they'll heal over the next week, but they are literally the size of, if not larger a dime. I don't want to go out with these, they look bad enough i'll get people saying "wow what happened to your face, are you ok?". I have a big event on tuesday that I really can't miss. I don't want these to get in the way.

Does anybody know any methods for covering up these, or possibly even a trick to help them heal faster?

I'm male but use a cover up anyways, I see nothing wrong with it. The problem is that it cakes really nasty onto them and doesn't hide ANY redness whatsoever.

I'm really driving myself insane here. Im locked in my room and wont go anywhere. My girlfriend wants to spend time with me.. its all just a mess. Im sure you can all relate.

Thanks to anyone that can provide me with something...

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I had this problem once when I was your age (but the scabs on my face were really from falling on it, lol). The 'doctor's book of home remedies' had a solution that worked for me so that the scab came off and Icould cover it with coverup after 2 days.

I can't remember it exactly, so I advise you go to the used bookstore or search online (it was under the 'abrasions' section), but I know it involved the antiseptic cleanser 'hibitaine' and sugar. It was like a poultice that I kept on the scabs for a full day (changed it every hour or so).

But like I said, I can't remember if there were any other ingredients. Maybe just do a google on sugar and healing- I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it worked!

Ps don't worry too much about scarring, you're young. Just make sure you're getting enough vit. C and the marks'll be gone soon enough.

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Hi, this has happened to me before (more than once). So I know exactly what you're talking about.

OK here's how you can get rid of those hard-to-cover scabs:

The only way you can cover those areas properly is if the skin is "flat" and "intact", instead of bumpy, depressed or raw. And the only way you can cover it well with concealer is if the colour of the wound is light in colour. So:

1) Make sure a good scab is formed on top of the wound. Don't scratch or touch it for at least 1 day to let it HEAL!

2) Before you go to bed, apply a THICK layer of 10% Alpha Hydroxy liquid. I use 10% Neoteric Alpha Hydrox Oil-free formula (you can buy it at drugstores or online). It's the only thing that works! THEN APPLY a layer of POLYSPIRIN TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT with vitamin E on top of the AHA.

Then cover all that stuff with a gauze pad and paper bandage tape. Let it stay there for the night.

3) The next morning, wash it off with face wash, the scab will feel tender, or might even peel off. But DON"T SCRATCH. I REPEAT. DON'T SCRATCH. If the scab doesn't come out, do #2 above again.

I Guarantee you by the 2nd day (or 3rd day the latest) the scab will come off to reveal light pink skin that is easy to cover with foundation or concealer. GOOD LUCK! biggrin.gif

If you don't want to be too harsh to your skin, skip the AHA and use just the antibiotic ointment with vitamin E also works well, though takes MUCH longer.

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I hear you. Scabbing is horrible, and it takes immense willpower for me not to pick or squeeze in order to create a scab.

I've been working on that behavior, and over the last three weeks, noticed that my face looks MUCH better. But damn if it ain't hard!

Someone once said that not picking is like a whole new medication. I liked that.

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thanks for the advice.. here's another odd probelm.

i left polysporin on, overnight. but that seems to have done something to my skin. the area around the sores where the cream was actually seems to be burned now.. the skin looks like some sort of chemical burn.. looks really weird.. anybody know what this is?

perhaps ill have to hit the doctors soon.

edit: went to the doctor's turns out i gave myself some bad dermatitus.. sucks.

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Use a fine layer of FACE Stockholm "Neutralizer Red" corrector with a concealer brush.

That's loaded with yellow pigment so it should counteract the red, but, I don't think it'd camouflage the scabbing. Nothing could do that, really.

Then use the FACE Stockholm Pressed Powder over the top. Don't use the sponge because it has a tendency to pick up more product than you need. Just use a large powder brush instead. Or you can dip the brush in powder and only use it where you need it.

That should do the trick, and you don't even need to use a green color corrective base underneath. Skip the foundation.

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