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I was on Dan's regimen a while ago and it has worked, but I stopped cause my skin was always flakey and dry. I decided to give delnas method a try, the baking soda is great because it keeps my face from being flakey BUT I think the Apple cider vinegar makes me break out. My question is: do we have to use ACV with delnas method? can I substitute it with something like witch hazel? Thanks to all those who reply! cool.gif

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Great question. I was wondering the same thing. I love mixing the baking soda with my cleanser in the morning but not so fond of the ACV and not so sure it is helping and actually causing a very bumpy forehead.

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I think the idea behind using the ACV toner is that it balances out the pH on your skin. Most cleansers either already have balanced pH, or are basic, and baking soda is also a base. I don't use Delna's regimen, but I can see how it makes sense to use an acid to balance out your pH. However, if you're already using an acidic toner (like SA, for example), you probably don't need to use the ACV.

On the other hand, I don't know that balancing the pH on the surface of your skin is actually a necessary thing. I think it would more depend on what environment the p. acnes bacteria thrives in: a basic one, an acidic one, or a balanced one? eusa_think.gif

So, that probably doesn't answer your question at all, but it's food for thought. biggrin.gif

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