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All the information and evidence that benzoyl peroxide is damaging to the skin scares the hell out of me. I know this sort of thing crops up on the message board all the time, so i'm sure many people are sick of it, but i can't ignore what 'they' say about premature aging of the skin and cancer. My benzoyl peroxide cream has cleared my skin up pretty well, but my face does tend to feel sunburnt, and i'm paranoid about it as it is so i think i'll stop using it.

I was wondering what are people's opinions on this? And any suggestions on alternative acne treatments.

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The biggest cause of premature aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer is the sun. Yet people still sun bathe and go outside without sunblock! wacko.gif

To my knowledge, BP itself does not cause cancer, yet some ingredients in certain brands may cause cancer or at least are linked to cancer/tumors (such as parabens, you can read my previous thread on that for more info: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=48079).

If you are concerned about premature aging/wrinkles, I highly suggest eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, & antioxidants, stay out of the sun-or at least use sunblock/wear a hat & sunglasses, and use moisturizer daily!

As with all products, you should read labels and know what you are putting on your face/skin. The best source for whether or not an ingredient/chemical is a carcinogen (causes cancer) go to the MSDS (material safety data sheet) site and look up each item. Unfortunately the FDA does NOT require safety testing on any cosmetic product! evil.gif The general majority of people believe just because a product is available retail, it is safe-which is not always the case!

In my opinion, I think BP (without parabens or other nasty ingredients) will not do any major damage if I protect my skin as mentioned above.

If your skin feels sunburnt you obviously need more moisturizer! Your skin should never feel dry, burnt, sore, or look red! Try cutting back on the amount of BP you are using and use more moisturizer!! I would also keep BP far away from the eye area.

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Thanx very much for your reply, so it's not actually the benzoyl peroxide but the stuff they put in the cream as well. Yeh, i try to protect from the sun, not that we get a lot here in the UK. Thanx very much for the advice.

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