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My Accutane Experience

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Well, I have been on Accutane since March 1. At this point, I am the clearest I can ever remember. I am ALMOST at the point where I don't even think about it anymore. I went on a fishing trip 2 weeks ago, drank (which I do not do very often) and did not wash my face for like 36 hours and did not break out and produced no oil....it was the strangest thing. By the way, I do normally wash my face everyday. Before Accutane, I was washing it like 2x a day and sometimes 2 showers a day.

I now use regular soap and shampoo. Shaving really sucks and it does irritate my skin if I shave too often. I grew a goatee and only shave every couple of days. I only moisturize my arms (or any really dry parts)...never my face. I started using Aloe Vera on my face at night and it really made my skin look even better! I try to never pop anything or squeeze anything while on this. If I notice any marks or anything, I use Neosporin...it does help.

My side effects are very dry lips..dry arms and sore joints (more than normal from lifting weights). Everything else has been fine. I had an initial breakout, but it subsided. My jawline (where I shave) was very stubborn and took the longest to clear-totally clear now! When I get a pimple now, it dries up very quickly. No mood problems what-so-ever. I am still wearing contacts with little to no problem.

I took 20 mgs for the 1st 2 weeks, then 40 mgs for 2 weeks. Then 60 mgs for 2 weeks, then 80 mgs ever since. I even took 100mgs a couple of times because I had extra pills left over one month. I am due to finish August 1. However, I read that taking a light cycle of like 20mgs daily for an extra month will promote one to stay clear much longer. I am hopeful to do this as well.

I wanted to post this for all of the people that are reluctant to take Accutane. It really is awesome. It is a little harsh, but honestly nothing that has stopped me from my normal life. I am truly happy that I made the decision to take this medication. Anyone that is having a problem with their skin should go for it!

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Dude give up on the drinks, it can increase your side effects. i just got tane 1 week ago and am already feeling lips going nuts(). i'm hoping i never get acne again. is that possible. i think my doc started me to high on tane i'm on 40 a day and i'm feeling some differences

my chest area seems to be hurting, should i tell them about it. i don't want to be taken out of it. i'm just gonna hold on for a couple of weeks.

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