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unusual chest acne

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I used to have bad chest and back acne. Luckily, acutane cured me (too bad not my face!) except for the minor breakout here and there which take like 3 days to get rid of. I discovered the most effective thing for my mild breakout was waching with antibacterial soap, applying bakc head clearing toner, and NOT TOUCHING IT! mine get worst if i pick or touch it. The sun also always cleared it up. I know it makes your face worse, but it definitely helps body acne.

Anyways, to get to my concern. Right under my boobs I have little bumps. Not like under the folds of my breasts, because they are far to small to actually fold over. I'm talking on the skin directly beneath them. like right before my abs starts. The funny thing is that you can't see them unless I lift my arms and my skin goes taught cuz they are colorless. Then they show because the skin stretches across my ribage. They don't have heads and they are unpopable, exept one everynow and then that surfarces somehow. They really aren't a horrible ordeal since i can compare then to the body acne i used to have, but they don't respond to any treatments. Anyone else have thigns like this? How did you get rid of them?

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ok... i have some bumps like that on my thigh... you cant really see them but you can feel them... I am clueless too. LOL and the chest fold lol... same here smile.gif i have no fold hehe..

-brittany ( i understand completely) sadness !!!

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