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I recently have been using Aloe Vera Gel to get rid of my cyst and zits and although i find it helping a bit i notice it makes me breakout also.

Whenever i put a dab of Aloe on the zit, i get two more surrounding it and its fucking crazy, the cycle will never end like this.

SO, I decided to just leave my acne alone. NO CREAMS. NO TOUCHY.

My question now is, if i leave my zits alone and let them cure themselves, will i get a scar since they will be there a bit longer? Since these creams and gels are there to aid and cure the zit, without them, will i do more harm than good?

I noticed a cyst that i havent even touched or put anything on and i looked at it under some light and i already see a dent in my cheek! I never popped it or anything! What did i do wrong?

Well, i really would appreciate any advise from you folks, so post away, i need some help here!

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Is just leaving my zits alone, with no gels or cream the right thing to do? Will i get more scars this way?

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It depends on what kind of zits you have, and what your skin is like. Some people scar at the slightest thing, and some people can dig cysts out of there skin and it doesn't scar at all. I would advise not picking anything unless it has a visible whitehead on the surface that shows its dying to be picked. Its really dangerous to pick really big pimples or cysts, not to mention it can spread bacteria under your skins surface which leads to getting more zits around the same area.

I mean, I pick at pimples if I get them, and if they are ready, nothing scars. But I can't know what your skin is like and if it would be good for you to do. Hope this helps.

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well i woke up with a huge whitehead inbetween my eyebrows, right above my nose and its KILLING me. It stands out big time.

It still kind of hurts when i touch it, like a bruise, is it save to pop? And if so, how do i do it, just scrap it off and throw on some Aloe vera?

On a side note apparently diet has nothing to do with acne cause ive done nothing but drink water, eat apples and lots of fruits and i still woke up with this huge whithead, and to top it off it now looks like im dying cause ive lost so much weight, whats the deal?

Also i must mention that ive got a load of skin colored bumps all over my forehead and cheeks and it driving me crazy. Id hate to start putting stuff on my face again because i think it will only get worse.


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