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regimen vs. accutane

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I figured that if this Regimen does not work out, I'm going to use Accutane. However, I only have mild/moderate acne, can I still go on accutane? and also, does it work THAT good? if its THAT good, why doesn't everybody go on it? if you have used accutane, do you like it, and does it really clear ur skin up pretty good?

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also, i hear some of these things can happen while on accutane. are all these true?

you can start growing hair in places u never had them before. your eyes/lips/skin get painfully dry, face can become less symmentrical, depression, etc....this is scary, i dont know if its worth it. and i read about how there's courses you take..what does that mean? dont you just keep taking them everyday?

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Guest Anubis

accutane can be good but yes..there are side effects. That is why not everybody decides to take it. A course with meds just means that you take the med for a set period of time then you stop. You do not take accutane forever...it is hard on the liver. Give the regimen a real shot first , stick to it for a few months. I have not personally taken accutane but have many friends who have. I have seen mixed results. Your derm will help you decide if it is right for you .

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Good advice from Anubis!

Give the regimen at least a good, honest 3-month shot. Do it precisely, and you may not need to think about Accutane at all, especially if your acne is mild-moderate.

As for your accutane concerns, yes, there can be bad side effects. I did a round of accutane about 6 years ago, yes, it cleared my acne, but only for about 4 years then it all came back. So, it is not always the cure that people seem to think it is. I did not have too many side effects, mostly dry lips and skin, but the depression was difficult to deal with, and it was real. So, my advice is to give the regimen a good try first. But, of course, if you are an adult these decisions are yours to make, but you will need a dermatologist to prescribe the accutane, and most likely he or she will want you to try alot of topicals first, possible antibiotics, I have never heard of a dermatologist prescribing Accutane without having the patient try lots of other things first.

I think the Regimen is a good thing for you to try before going that route.

Good luck.

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