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Retin-A for redmarks?

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My derm says its great for redmarks, but I refused to go on it, b/c I'm afraid of the initial breakout, which I heard can be AWFUL. Instead, I have resulted to spending $1500 on laser treatments instead smile.gif

But if you think you can handle the breakout, go for it! I hear it works wonders, I'm just too chicken shit!

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ya im on the .025% gel retina i just started a few nites ago of course ill update over the next few months hopefully this clears me! if it does in fact clear me i will end up using this my whole life, or a stonger form of vitamin a like tazorac

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Using less on the face is best for red marks. Certainly no bp. My son's have improved so much since all he does is use water and shave with Aloe Vera. Good luck, I too would be afraid of the initial outbreak.

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I use retin-a micro 0.1%

Ive been using it for about 2 monthes now.

Ive noticed that with that at night and aloe vera in the morning i have been fighting my red marks quite well. Right now there are stillmnotciable but they arent bright red liek tehy used to be.

I dont know if its the retin-a micro, the aloe vera, or just plain time thats making my red marks fade.

I havent gotten 1 pimple in about 2 weeks but i dont know if its the retin-a mico or the mino at its peak.

I dont get dry skin at all (i dont even use moisturizer) i dont get red skin and i got a very small initial break out if it even was due to the retin-a...

If i dont get dry skin and an initla break out does that mean its not working?

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