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I Think I Found the Cure for My Acne?

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I've had acne since I was 13, and over the past six years I've tried almost every product on the market. Proactiv...Murad...Nature's Cure...and a million other things. Most only helped for a few weeks, tops. It seemed like the acne would creep right back up again and sometimes even be worse! In short, my skin was a mess. The worst of my breakouts were on my cheeks (jawline)...and what other acne I had was very mild. I would get somewhat large, deep, and sore acne on my cheeks. It was getting so bad that it was causing small scars, and that had never happened to me before. I had to change what I was doing...and here's what has helped me more than anything else I've ever used in my life...This is my Regimen.

Morning and Night:

~Clean and Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser (I've found that it's good in the morning too, it really gets the oil off your skin!)

~Clearasil Ultra Acne SCRUB (Be careful, it's a very large grained scrub)

~C.O. Bigelow Skin Tonic Witch Hazel Formula (Can be found at Bath and Body Works) It contains 5% Witch Hazel Extract, 2% Rosemary Extract, 1% Clary Extract Sage.

~Cetaphil Daily Facial Mosturizer SPF 15

AlSO: Girls, I've stopped wearing foundation and powder...Only coverup, eye makeup, and some powder blush. I've also been taking "Acne Pill" by Loma Lux company...It seems to help with my stress and "that time of month" *giggle* related acne. (my mother said she found the pills at the drug store, but I'll have to ask her more about that.)

I hope that this helps! Don't give up! Everyone's skin is different...it took me six years...and who knows maybe next month I'll be looking for a different regimen? My battle will be lifelong smile.gif.

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