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here is my regimen.

wash with mild soap

apply alpha hydrox acid enhanced lotion

apply bp gel

apply euricen skin renewal moisturizer spf 15.

here is my problem. i live in southern california, so i get alot of sun. what can i do to lower the irritation it will have on my face?

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Here are some things to consider.

a higher spf for the summer months

a hat


That's really about all one can do. I find it impossible to avoid all sun, and besides totally avoiding the sun isn't healthy anyway. Do your best to keep your face protected. For instance, I use the same Eucerin moisturizer as you with spf 15, I find for most days that is enough for me. But, if I am going to be mowing the lawn, which takes in excess of 2 hours, I will put on a wide-brimmed hat also, to be safe. If I am going to be outside watching the kids swim, I try to sit in the shade as much as possible. But, hey, life happens, enjoy the summer, just do your best not to let your delicate facial skin get burned.

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You could use AHA only at night, or not at all. AHA increases sun sensitivity.

Otherwise, wearing a hat works, but that can cause irritation, so it's a trade off.

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I live in SoCal too, and I have the same problem. Sunscreen burns my face, which is sensitive to begin with.

I find that if I lighten up on the Bp on days I know I'm going to be in the sun, like beach days, the suncreen dosen't sting too much, and I can handle it. Also, I skip the moiturizer on these days, too, that adds to the problem, and the oil-free sunscreen seems to be enough on those days.

That said: I still burn pretty bad. May just be the way it is.

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