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ok, this is the first time my friends have ever said anything about my face.

first up, a lil intro. i've had mild acne throughout highschool. but my friends have always had really nice skin. in particular this girl, she's looks like an egg! haha, well, her skin does anyway. just perfect porcelain skin. i've started my own regimen this january, and my skin improved soooo much.

well, anyway, we were shopping for makeup yesterday. my friend A was getting her makeup done at the counter. the conversation follows:

saleslady: (to my friend A) wow, you have really good skin. but you seem to have dark eye circles, i think i'll use some concealer on you.

my friend B: (to me) yea, you seem to have dark eye circles too. and puffy eyes.

me: oh, ok.

B: (to me. probably realizing i wasn't exactly happy at the comment) but your skin really improved since highschool.

me: (uncomfortable laugh)

B: you know, you could use some of that stuff i got my sister. called murad or something.

*the end*

murad is this acne solution system or whatever for those of you who didn't know. ok, why did she have to make that remark? god damnit, my skin REALLY did improve since highschool. and i was wearing foundation yesterday too. my skin wouldn't be flawless, but it was in great shape i thought! argh, pisses me off. she's a really good friend, so i don't think she said that to make fun of me or put down me or something. so i think it was just a careless remark. but she prob really meant that.

goddamnit, i guess pple still perceive my skin as sucky. eusa_wall.gifevil.gifdoubt.gif

well, there goes my confidence for the week~~~~ sad.gif

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It's neither your fault that your androgens stimulate your oversensitive oil gland receptors and/or hyperkeratinizing intrafollicular dermal cells to form acne, nor is it any effort whatsoever on your friend's part that her oil gland receptors are basically insensitive to androgenic stimulation and/or her keratinization is totally normalized, resulting in an even-toned poreless porcelain look entirely free of acne. But then you can't really say that to her at the department store makeup counter, now can you? But then again, you DEFINITELY can't say, "well FUCK you!" either, can you?! So what can you do?

Jeez, it's tough. I don't know whether you've tried Accutane before, or maybe your acne is hormonal (hyperandrogenism-- it is DEFINITELY worth your time as an adult female with acne to visit an endocrinologist to find out the hormonal nature of your condition). Just how mild is your acne? It's mild enough you can probably control it completely with an effective cleansing regimen. The cleansing regimen in my own Natural Acne Program linked below clears EVERYONE with mild acne, especially if you combine it with the supplementation. Do the whole program and frankly you're cured.

If you find that my program doesn't help (highly unlikely) after at least 1-2 months of really trying, then if you haven't tried Accutane maybe you should consider this, or maybe it is simply a matter of finding the right birth control (this takes a bit of trial and error and therefore a few months but once you find the one that's right for you, you're set; good ones to start with are Dianette and Yasmin).

Good luck ELLE!

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To add to my suggestion of possible options include Dianette/Diane-35 and Yasmin:

" What’s unique about Diane-35® is its ability to block androgen activity at the pilosebaceous unit. While all oral contraceptives may decrease the production of androgens to some extent, only Diane-35® decreases the ability of androgens to bind to their receptors, improving signs of androgenization such as acne, seborrhea and hirsutism in women.

Because Diane-35® contains both an estrogen and progestin, it provides extremely reliable contraception with good cycle control in patients treated for acne, seborrhea and hirsutism. It has many properties in common with other estrogen/progestogen combination oral contraceptives, meaning that the same contraindications and precautions applicable to this class of drugs should be considered."

The recommended duration of treatment is at least several months, as improvement may not be observed until four or five cycles of use. Research has shown that within three to six months of therapy, acne can be improved and suppressed.

It is recommended that a patient continue treatment for another three to four cycles after signs of androgen-related activity have subsided.

Efficacy data from three pivotal clinical trials of Diane-35®, including trials in Canada, provides results from 1,462 women with symptoms of androgenization, including severe acne, over a period of 23,549 cycles. In these trials, acne was improved in 38% of patients after three months, and in 91% of patients after 12 months. Improvement was steady with progression of therapy and, by the end of 36 cycles, all cases of facial acne were completely healed. "

- from http://www.anagen.net/diane.htm


" The best pills to clear up adult acne contain enough estrogen (at least 35 micrograms per pill) and/or the newer progestins.  These newer progestins, which have less male-hormone activity, include norgestimate and desogestrel, found in brands like Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Desogen, Ortho-Cept and Demulen, or their generic equivalents. One pill, Yasmin, contains a progestin very similar to that produced by the ovaries. This has an excellent anti-male hormone effect on skin. Some doctors may add a diuretic (which causes fluid to be eliminated by the kidneys) called spironolactone. This pill, too, has anti-male hormone activity and reduces oil production. Yasmin has some of the activity of spironolactone. "

from http://msnbc.msn.com/id/4623970

Look on the bright side: as a woman, at least you have a hell of a lot more options for treating acne in the form of so many different anti-androgens and BCPs before resorting to Accutane if necessary. guys with persistent adult acne, especially if more severe, basically get to a point where they have no option other than to go on Accutane, with all the risks and potential side-effects it entails. so i think you should look into different birt control pills.

Have you tried Yasmin or Diane-35, or an anti-androgen like Spironolactone?

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Allow me to add that I personally know two females, one 21 and the other 29, who had their MODERATE acne effectively CURED with Dianette, and another female, 24, who also had moderate acne but which was cleared to occasional mild breakouts on Yasmin.

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Perhaps they sell murad there and she's tryin to get herself some comission. Then again maybe she's clueless like so many other people out there about our acne situations. She was probably just trying to help you in her own way, sometimes I just wish people wouldn't give out advice.

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anthony, do u know if the anti-androgen thing makes the acne get worse at for first few weeks or not? and are they safe to be taken with supplement like Acnease?

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