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long time with the regimen

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I used to occasionally post here but after going on the regimen, my acne cleared up pretty well, and I havent posted in a long time. I went on the regimen about three years ago and now my face, from the amount of bp being put on it every day, has made the pores on my cheeks near my nose very large. And I no longer get dry from the bp, it seems like I just get more oily skin. My acne is starting to come back to me and I dont know what I should do. Should I get a larger dose of bp gel, Ive been using the neutrogena on-the-spot, 2.5% bp cream. With purpose cleanser as the wash. With neutrogena 15%spf moisterizer. Anybody been on the regimen for a long time please help.

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It's always good to hear from people who have used the regimen a long time.

So,welcome back to the board!

As for the pore size, bp has no effect on the size of pores, so I doubt it is to blame. Our skin goes through changes during our lives, just like anything, so trying to pin a cause/effect can be difficult. It can be quite normal for pores to enlarge as we age, unfortunately, so that is probably not related to the fact that you use benzoyl peroxide. They can also appear enlarged if they are clogged. And for the oiliness, that too can fluxuate as you age, and as far as I know bp has no effect on oil glands either. It can dry the skin, but does nothing specifically to the oil glands. So, my guess is the changes you have experienced over time, are just that, changes your skin has made over time.

Check again Dan's videos and description and make sure you are doing the regimen precisely, and not accidentally being too rough, or using too hot of water, etc.

One change I can recommend is using a different moisturizer, consider trying one with alpha hydroxy acid in it, such as Eucerin Skin Renewal, or some people are also using Walgreen's brand of aha cream in conjunction with the regimen and finding the quality of their skin overall improving.

Oh, you might also consider Dan's bp gel, some people report it works better than the Neutrogena on-the-spot, but I haven't tried that yet, so don't have first-hand experience to report.Also, you might try the Purpose bar instead of the wash, I find it a bit more drying, which helps with oiliness for me, I did not think I would like the bar, but I actually prefer it to the wash.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


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