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is the refining mask in the proactiv system an exfoliant? i was wondering because i have a few tubes laying around that i never used and i need an exfoliant for my regimen. I would rather not go out and buy some if i have some at home. thanks =]

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No, the Refining Mask is a sulfur-based mask to absorb excess oils and treat blemishes and prevent further breakouts. Proactiv regards the cleanser and its beads as an exfoliant.

What I've done is to apply the mask and when it's time to remove it, splash some water onto the dried mask then use a damp terry facecloth and in small circular motions, gently wipe away the mask. This action in combination with the texture of the terrycloth will work the clay around the surface of the skin acting as a light exfoliant.

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It depends. If you are satisfied with the results you are achieving with your current regimen, I wouldn't recommend changing it. The Proactiv cleanser contains BP which some people find to be much too drying on the skin. If you dry out your skin too much, you won't be able to apply your other treatment products which may defeat the entire regimen.

If all you're looking for is an exfoliant, I would recommend purchasing a srub and using it once a week (use the Search feature to see what others recommend for an exfoliant). If it agrees with your skin, you can continue with it and if it doesn't agree, then discontinue using it. I would not recommend changing to the Proactiv cleanser if you are happy with what you are using now because it is quite harsh and it could disrupt your entire regimen.

Further, I was not particularly satisfied with the results of Proactiv and am no longer using the line even though I have many of the products left over.

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