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getting extremely frustrated

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i've been on the "regimen" for almost a year now, and i still can't go 3 straight days applying bp both night and day (i have to limit it to once or even not at all due to EXTREME drying/scaling). the reason i stick with it is that doing it one time a day maintains my current manageable amount of acne, then i try applying bp morning and night and then i'll notice better results, but then get excessive drying so that i'll have to skip 1 or 2 applications and then i'm back at square one.

ive watched the videos several times, i do the regimen exactly as dan does, i use lots of eucerin skin renewal day and night, and have tried basis, purpose, and cetaphil bar soaps, and shave with sensorexcel every other day.

anyone have any suggestions? i'm starting to look at things in my lifestyle that might be the causes, like occasional pot smoking, heavy drinking, weightlifting, but none would seem like a cause to have excessively dry skin...

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Have you tried a thin layer of bp twice daily, rather than the generous amount Dan recommends? I can't imagine still having over-dry skin even after a year on the regimen. Are you washing with warm, rather than hot water?

Try playing around with the bp amount. Perhaps the generous amount at night, then a lighter amount in the a.m., or the other way around. Or just a light amount twice daily to see if that can keep your acne under control and lessen the dryness.

Another thought is some of us are using a product with AHA, about 8% to combat the overdryness that some people experience. Check out the threads on that. There is an 8% AHA cream at Walgreen's that some are applying after washing, but before applying the bp, that is helping rid of overdryness. Perhaps give something like that a try.

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