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scar treatment- when they are fresh??

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Hi folks,

I suffered from moderate acne for approximately 5 years and except a few red marks which gradually fade(d) I didn't scar- thank god. Now (I'm 19), my skin has gotten better, just a few pimples are left. I can cope with that.

After all these years hoping for a beautiful skin I was involved in a car accident which caused me a scarred forehead. (a few lines, cause I had I few stiches)

I also have two scars from chicken pox (similar to Rolling Scars) on my forehead.

After reading hundreds of posts on this board, I think I'm gonna opt for either

1. dermabrasion

2. a TCA peel

3. a punch technique

(4. or maybe CO2 laser, though I did not read many positive things)

I'm wondering: do you think fresh scars (4 weeks old) would react better to any of these treatments?? Or do I really have to wait at least 6 months- as one derm told me???

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Well, I'm no expert here, but I've read that Dr. Y likes to dermabrade on fresh new scars rather than waiting for the scar to mature.

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Hey Man,

Frightens me that your rushing off for what look and sound like horror treatments.

Judging from what others have said on this messageboard. But I've got some good news.

Obviously this thing is ruining your social life and self confidence but you've got to relax. Healing takes time... even with accelarants. I've been freshly scarred as well. I'm giving myself a rest by getting out of the social scene for two months. I'm at week 6 from the initial wounds. Four 5mm holes from Mole removals.

I'm currently trying the topical scar treament thing. I bought three with high hopes... as well as trying a range of other stupid things up until week 2.

I bought Elicina, Spyrex and derma e.

Elicina... just made things redder.

Spyrex... so expensive... and hasn't shown the results I was looking for. Felt like things got redder... but can't be sure.

Derma E... oh thank god for this stuff.

I'm getting visible results out of it really quickly. I've only been on it for about a week and the reddness (which bothers me most) is fading fast. It helps if I leave it under a bandage overnight. And just try to apply as offen as possible during the day.

Obviously the Pharmacy sites are not the right place to do research they say everything is good and the product sites would have you beleive there product cures cancer.

I can only tell you whats working for me. Give it a go... it seems to give the quick results I was looking for. If it doesn't... you can then have a look at the more painful options and you've lost nothing.

Good luck and I hope you get back into it soon.

I know I'm going to burst out of my skin soon. A bit of fake tan and I'm going to party... Gotta say though, the 2 months off have given me a chance to finish off a book I'm writing.

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I'm afraid you're right!!!!

But I gotta find a derm that would give me a treatment now! Is it really dangerous if i.e. a dermabrasion or a peel is done during summer? Even if you don't expose yourself to the sun?

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